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When I was first invited to join this site I was pretty excited about it's potential.  Raising environmental awareness in an important goal.  Then I became disappointed that there was not more participation in the forums.  Things got a little more interesting, and I would like to think that we can gain momentum but I would hate to see that diluted by spam for pills or questions about genital warts that could be better answered with a search on Google or posting to a health forum.  Some guidelines for posting might be useful.  What is the difference between uncategorized and random posts?  Is such blatant advertising permitted? Does anyone remove inappropriate posts?  Eric, do you visit the forum?

I don't mean to sound cranky, or stifle discussion but I don't want to dilute relevant discussion with noise.

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Your right they slipped in that spam....I monitor the site daily and they slipped them in under the radar all in one day. Spammers are industrious if anything.

For the past 2 weeks I have been in New Orleans, not really super bowl or mardi gras related, but those things were distracting. LOL

On the site, I probably should come up with a better way to categorize things on the forum. I figured I would just let the site evolve and see what happened.

Thanks for taking interest!
What is the difference between uncategorized and random posts? Suggestion to change the discussion to the five elements; earth, water, air,wind and metal.

When I see spam for pills or genital warts I feel and obligation to push the narrative off the front page and find time to write comment or "discussion" even controversial topics. Mark, you are a educated and experience naturalist who has taught me to dig deeper into my beliefs and find more answers to make Indiana Greener. Not only guidelines for posting but a "check" for credibility would be a wonderful feature. Alas, I think the answer will be that we each need to make the forum meaningful by taking out the trash. Thanks for the post!
Thanks for your kind words Cara.

I suppose that we all need to do some critical thinking about credibility. I regularly follow links and read the references for relevance on posts that seem suspect. I sometimes Google the author of the supplied link to see what kind of topics they have covered in other articles, likewise with the person posting, so I get a better idea of "where they are coming from." It has become a problem that some of the comments posted to science blogs that I read, especially Scientific American, that people present themselves as an expert in a field with a "skeptical" point of view. A quick check of Google often shows that they are not really the researcher at the whatever university as they claim. There is an organized political/industrial attack on the credibility of science, or at least to confuse the science. I welcome opposing points of view, and don't by any means think that advanced degrees are necessary for clear headed thinking or scientific knowledge and insight, but I abhor the dishonesty that has become the norm in American political discourse.

I would love to see wider participation in the forums here. Indiana has some committed environmentalists and some talented educators and researchers. We could all benefit from more input from those points of view. Cheers
I agree! I'd like to see more activity here & maybe better grouping of Forum catagories?!
Would you be a voice for urban livestock or backyard poultry? A consistent blogger would raise the visibility about urban animal raising and be a great benefit to Hoosiers?


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