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Do you know anyone who has had problems putting up a clothesline in his/her yard because of neighborhood restrictions? I'm doing an article on this topic and need a few sources. Thanks!

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No neighborhood restrictions in Fountain square, just fearful of a "Monday Man" stealing clothing from the line.
What? Really? Fill me in, if you have a moment sometime ...
Well you have hear of the urban legend that women in Indiana hung there wash on Monday's and as the circus train came through their cloths would get stolen. "Watering the Elephants" by Sara Guein(Sp?) Fast forward to 2010 and my hesitation about a clothing line is that my towels might not be there by the afternoon.

Preparing for spring with my controversial indoor clothesline.
Wow! That's a lot of gloves. Do they all match? I probably have that many, but I am usually wearing a mismatched pair!
They are his and her gloves. Three pairs per gender. What makes it controversial is that they are hanging in the "master's" suite. My twittering has offered to all my tweeps a method to preparing for spring. Brush, wash and condition your gloves for spring. Any controversies over the clothesline at your house?
None at my house, thank goodness. I live in a rural subdivision (the "ag-burbs") that may have a covenant against clotheslines, but it is largely ignored. My husband loves that we use a clothesline. He and my kids are competitive swimmers, so in the summer there are always towels flapping in the breeze.

He does get a bit annoyed when I hang up laundry in our bedroom on racks, but he doesn't have a leg to stand on since I do all the work! :-)
I have access to some neighborhood codes, covenants and restrictions if you need. If you have specific nbhds in mind, let me know.
Thanks, Joe--I will keep you in mind. I was actually able to find several covenants on line.
Our culture has become so superficial that neighbors are more worried about how unsightly someone's laundry or dandelions in the lawn are than what the environmental impact of those activities are.
I agree! I decided several years ago that I was going to use my suburban back yard, not just turn it into a sterilized lawn that I put on display for my neighbors. We hang laundry, feed the birds, garden, and plant lots of native plants. It's fun!
It is even more fun when neighborhood code enforcement has been summoned to your property, and the joke is on the neighbors, that called on those dandelions, clean laundry hanging in the breeze, and sun, wildlife free to roam and fly around, gardens covering just about every square foot possible. Next are some chickens, maybe a few pygmy goats, rabbits......whom are the neighbors gonna call? HA!


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