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There have been several posts mentioning the media. John of www.valleywatch.net commented below.

As the media ponder and often fail, they lay off more staff which further limits their coverage of significant and vital issues. Just this morning, the Evansville paper did a story that came mostly from the AP on the numerous Indiana counties that achieved the dubious distinction of failing to comply with minimum health standards for air quality. While this has been an ongoing story for thirty years in Evansville, this is the first time the Courier has relied on a wire service to publish a story.

There was, of course, little background given and it was reported as usual as a mere development, leaving the health aspect for readers to figure out. Instead they reported it mainly as an economic story.

I had been thinking about what John was saying and then I read about a a tremendous environmental accident on Dec 23 that released 5.4 million cubic yards of fly ash. The story was probably written by TVA and put out on the AP wire. It was picked up here in Evansville exactly as written here,

This story was probably picked up all over the place. THE STORY IS HORRIBLE! Some of the laughable and unrebutted points were:
- the fish might have died from the cold weather
- the dam broke because of 6 inches of rain over 10 days and the cold weather. (very normal for the midwest in winter)
- flyash is mostly inert and environmentally safe
- the drinking water is testing safe to drink


So here is the point of my post. There was a day when there were lots of newspapers that took their job very seriously and they paid people a living wage to go out there and do real investigative pieces. Then the papers merged, then the papers got bought out by huge national syndicates.

Now the syndicates have laid off the reporters and they are just posting AP articles that bear very little resemblence to the truth.

THESE ARE THE FACTS THAT WE WORK WITH TODAY. So what are we going to do about it?

I want to hear what you guys think about this?

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mainstream media~~~ I'm not saying they lie all the time, but.. THEY LIE ALL THE TIME.

its sucks cuz all the real news worth paying for is not available and covered up with ignorance or completely ignored. its sad to have that perspective on our media. but they've failed so many times it pisses me off.

theirs no "professional" journalism, just paid off quacks who "report" some story


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