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Most times energy audits will pay for themselvs.  A return on investment for an energy audit should equal or exceed the cost of the audit and corrective action directed by the audit.  Many items of an energy audit can be evaluated and corrected by the home owner without the need for specialized tools.  Light bulbs, appliances and personal habits are a few of the things a home owner can address.  Public utilities and this site have many suggestions. Most home owners do not have the tools required to locate and repair air infiltration and insulation issues. HVAC ducts also need to be evaluated and corrected.  Many of the homes I go into have uninsulated and unsealed air ducts in the attic, crawlspace and garages.  HVAC ducts that are not sealed, do not only leak air but create air pressures in the home that are counter productive to heating and cooling. 


Safety: The most important piece in this puzzle. Once your home and ducts are sealed and insulated indoor air quality needs to be evaluated.  Gas appliances (water heater, furnace & stove) need to be inspected and tested for carbon monoxide.  Minimum ventilation needs to be available.  If the home does not meet this minimum ventilation requirement fresh air can be brought into the home with a heat loss recovery unit that keeps the conditioned air temperature in the home.


I really enjoy this work and love talking to people that are curious about how to conserve energy in their homes.  An energy efficient home is a comfortable home.


Some of the tools we use are:

  • Blower Door
  • Thermal Imaging Camera (IR)
  • Combustion Analysis Meter
  • Watt Meter 

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