A Greener Indiana

Everybody can do something to make a greener Indiana

Many parts of Indiana have terrible resources for wind and solar energy - So what is the solution?


One idea that I think will work well would be to connect people who are interested in lending money to those who do no over the internet and with social lending groups.


I don't have time to execute the idea - I thought that I might, but since I do not, I have the domains for sale for just what I paid for them-  You take over the registration Information and I will support the idea.



I have many other domains available.


If you think this idea is viable, then contact me about purchaing the domains at my cost.  First come first serve.  I will not try to make a profit on the domains, only selling them for what I paid.


This idea is likely valuable if time is put into it.


Contact me through GreenHoosier@comcast.net

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