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Germany's economy is doing the best AND they are working hardest for renewable energy

I saw a graph on the news that showed just how much better Germany's economy has is and has gotten.  Germany is also pushing the hardest for renewable energy.  There must be some relationship, but I couldn't find any articles on that.  Perhaps it is better for the economy to build up our renewable energy than previously thought.  It is not easy to calculate the effect of things that haven't happened.

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From what I can find......electricity now is exhorbitantly expensive. Ongoing in Germany......Wind parks and especially off shore wind parks plus HV power-lines being built, as well as additional natural gas and coal back up power plants.

Longterm goal - HV/DC power-lines to solar power plants in the very south of Europe.

The costs for the citizen are always on the rise. The discontinuation of nuclear power plants causes Germany to draw from its neighboring countries, which also increases the costs. 


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