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Everybody can do something to make a greener Indiana

One of the most common causes of water pollution is run off from peoples yards. Using chemical fertilizers is terrible for the environment and our health.

Finally there is an alternative to hiring a company to spray toxic chemicals all over your lawn.Castaway Compost is now offering an Aerated Worm Compost Tea lawn or garden application.Aerated Worm Compost Tea is teeming with beneficial live microbes that feed your soil. Healthy soil will help new plants get established quickly and helps strengthen existing grass, plants and trees. A few Aerated Worm Compost Tea applications a year will help your plants absorb nutrients, fight off some insects and fungi, and will improve your soil's ability to retain water and nutrients.

Castaway Compost is offering a great deal on Spring lawn and garden applications on GreenClipping today - www.greensavingsindy.com/greenclipping19.

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Reface Don't Replace

Refacing is greener than replacing - ecocountertopsusa.com

Reface! Don't Replace!

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