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I have friends who are considering re-insulating their home before winter hits. They're on some kind of Structural Foam kick. The idea of not paying as much to heat our home this winter sounds great and as always the less energy we use the better, I'm just not sure the invest is going to pan out. Worth thinking about though.

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Structural foam is more expensive than regular insulation but is very efficient. If you are planning to stay in your home for more than several years- it may be worth considering. It will reduce your heating bills- however at first- the initial investment will cancel out the money you save for a few years depending on size of home. Check out the planet green discovery website- their TV network just recently aired a show on foam.
I just moved back to Indiana after 31 years in Minneapolis. For the last 16 years I owned a 1925 bungalow in the Longfellow neighborhood of the city. At one time the home had been "insulated", but infrafed video (done by the energy audit I had done by the local utility) found it had settled. I had it re-insulated with blown in cellulose (shredded newsprint treated with a fire-retardent) in the walls and the attic. In the portion of the attic I used for storage I laid down 4" rigid foam panels. The first winter, I saw an immediate 10% savings in my natural gas bill. On the whole good insulation usually pays off, Depending on your energy needs you may see an immediate pay-back or it may take a fews years to recoup your expenditure.
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I'm sure this is a late response, but adding insulation is ALWAYS cost effective.  I'm in the HVAC business, and we always say "you pay for it whether you install it or not".  Meaning - either you pay for the insulation, or pay for more fuel.  Insulation always reduces your energy usage - that's a fact.  It's like the question of starting and IRA when you are 18 or later in life.  The earlier the better - always.  I think most people question the "pay-back" period.  But it's simple, the more insulation, the faster the payback.


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