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 I noticed the President of a non-profit conservation organization posted on their forum an issue with the water disappearing from the pond every year around this time. Being that this is spring time, I find this strange. They haven't received any feedback on the issue. The club has been in operation for a very long time; I assume no one in the area has any idea how to prevent this from happening.

Forum Post Link - There is just a road map on the site, but you can gather the location.

Anyone have any ideas.

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looks like a very odd anonomous post....and it is not very detailed...who knows what is happening.
It isn't anonymous, Chad is the Izaak Walton League Chapter President. I thought perhaps someone might have a suggestion as to how to naturally help keep the water table up in a pond. I will post a link directing them here if people have some suggestions.
Chad (who?) is the President of IWLA organized itself in 1922, when a group striving to stop on-going pollution of lakes and streams, named themselves after Izaak Walton.

What is the position of the IWLA members who take pride in their efforts towards preserving our wetlands, woodlands, lakes and streams, while promoting clean-air and a clean environment to all.

Let's solve the mystery of the disappear pond water?

Chad is the President of one of the northern Indiana chapters. They are a relatively small group located here in northern Indiana. I am located about 30 miles West of the club and we have standing water here. I can't imagine why they are having problems over there.


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