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Manure Raises New Stink Giant Gas Bubbles in Indiana Dairy Farm's Waste Pond Frighten Neighbors

Lordy! How did I miss this one? Glad I don't live next to these bubbles.

Burst manure bubbles "So far, there have been no big booms or explosions."

WINCHESTER, Ind.—Several giant bubbles on a dairy farm manure lagoon were popped Thursday, emitting a pungent stench that wafted across fields on a warm
spring breeze.

There were no explosions, as some neighbors had feared, when several engineers floated around farmer Tony Goltstein's manure-storage pond in a flat-bottomed boat and released gas from the bubbles. The bubbles,
the size of small houses
, were inflated with gas released by 21 million
gallons of decomposing cow manure.

The bubbles were deflated with a device fitted with a tube and a valve that allowed for a controlled release of the gas. "The facility is venting," said Bruce Palin, an Indiana state environmental official.
"So far, there have been no big booms or explosions."


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um , ewwwwww !!!!! that's just sickening..for a lot of reasons.


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