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    I have an acre that we have an urban Farm that has been being built up and maintenanced for 10 years and operating at a higher capacity for 2 years. I'm working deeply with 7 nonprofit groups, food not bombs, food not lawns, fort wayne for peace, grow a little food, heartland community, sierra club and save maumee. i am now the administrator of food not lawns. i also am involved in the local chapter of the water protector movement. I do food distribution, permaculture, River cleanup and restoration, tree plantings, and peace activism.

We have the main building let's 6 people currently staying in. Out front we have the formal Victorian Celtic knotwork garden with the gazebo in the middle. on the side there is a fruit Forest permaculture with several apple trees that are producing to Cranberry bushes that are producing mugwort and mullein and yarrow and Sage hazelnut trees that are not yet producing strawberries Etc. Also on the side is the vegetable garden past that is some grass and the walnut tree and the raspberry Bramble. In the backyard there is a fire pit and a little house and a building that has been a Board of Health approved kitchen at one point in time and a glass blowing workshop at one point of time and that is quite dilapidated currently but we planned to build back into a Board of Health approved kitchen. There's also an area where there is a RV currently parked but once that moves were going to build a greenhouse there. 

I'm proposing collectively buying up as much of the land in this neighborhood as possible Permaculturing every property, installing solar and wind energy generators and rain barrel filtration and collection systems and then make it an inner-city sustainable community in order to set a precedent for a good way to live with the land without decentralizing.

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