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Viewed many of Rick Crosslin Indiana Expeditions today on PBS. Searched AGI...can't find anything on Rick Crosslin. Do people here not know of Rick Crosslin, and these informative videos?? Especially on waste, and recycling in Indiana.

Join Rick Crosslin, one of Indiana's most honored and respected science teachers, on a journey to discover how real science impacts our lives
every day. He knows science is cool, and he's teamed up with WFYI to
show kids and their teachers just how it rocks our world. Crosslin is
the lead science teacher for MSD Wayne Township, and the School Liaison
for Science Learning at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

Episode 304: Where Trash Goes

You toss it and forget it, you put it out to be collected and it
disappears from view, but one man's trash may indeed be another's
treasure. The soda bottle you throw out today could become part of a car
someone drives in the future. Find out where trash goes and the
surprising uses that keep it from simply being a waste.

Watch This Episode Online:

Windows Media 1. Taking out the Trash (Landfill) Windows Media 2. Curbside Recycling
Windows Media 3. Trash to Steam Energy Windows Media 4. Garbage Pizza (Feature the Teacher)
Windows Media 5. Bags to Bags Windows Media 6. Trashin' Refashion

Bonus Video:

Windows Media Aquatic Terrarium Windows Media Garbage Archeology

Episode 304: Where Trash Goes


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