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I am looking for people who are interested in participation and supporting an Urban Permaculture project in Indianapolis and branching out across Indiana. There are many models of this taking place in communities all across America and the world. There is a substantial amount of research and planning that must be done in advance to program a food forest according to Indiana's own indigenous plant-life and climate. If anyone is interested in more information about this project please respond with any relevant questions or concerns.

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How can I help or support the efforts of Urban Permaculture in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana?

I am interested.  My interest in permaculture is relatively new, so I'm not knowledgeable about what needs to be done.  I am willing to learn and able to help!

There has never been a better time than right now
to learn the principles and practice of permaculture design.
Heal a planet, build a life -- be the change you seek.


contact Andy Mahler




I am very pleased to receive the sudden multiply responses. This project will eternally be of forefront human concern as it is obviously of an essential nature to human organisms. As an ongoing project I am looking to bring others into the fold, as it were, along with myself in a learning and growth process. The goal of which is to re-orient key aspects of our own personal and local environment and conditioning so that permaculture and a connection to our food sources exist within our communities.

As a preliminary developmental stage we could meet and discuss our individual knowledge ability about permaculture as well as any additional relevant skills which could contribute to advancing a permaculture movement within Indiana. As a continuing goal we can seek opportunities to educate others and encourage actual permaculture attempts. As for the title of my thread, it is my own personal long term goal to see the development of outdoor food forests, as well as indoor hydroponics facilities, which can be the manifestation of our community connection with our food sources.




Just naturally curious, hope your open to answering some questions


Where do you see having permaculture attempts?

Give me an example of an attempt that you have made?

How do you see other contributing their time, talent and treasures?





Thank you Mrs. Dafforn, I appreciate the engagement on this issue and am quite receptive to any questions. As for the topic of application, and considering the greater topic as being permaculture, the application or attempt can be on every level of personal, social, and cultural adaptation to and connecting to our food supply. As for a specific application, an example I think of would be my local public school where there is already an out doors ecology and environmental set up which could presumably and simply be expanded to include some agricultural applications. As for my own permaculture attempts, I have for several years now been working on my own agricultural skills and hope to expand my own gardening to include year-round hydroponic facilities in my own home to produce a number of green leafs and fruits. To your final question I would hope to see anyone contribute up to their own personal maximum tolerance. As it is the issue of permaculture will very soon become the issue of sustainability or starvation if (or when) our current global socio-economic paradigm moves further towards instability. I will not encourage anyone to contribute any of their "treasures" to an *experimental system such as permaculture and I hope that the time and talent being contributed could only be enriched and enhanced by the experience.


*obviously agriculture is not experimental, however the contrast between our current urban environments and one of sustainable permaculture does imply or will require some measure of trial and error.

Hi Scott, 


I would like to discuss this with you. I'll be bringing a dish to the next local food potluck -- maybe we can chat there.

See details:





Good Day Andrew, thank you for the invitation. However, I will not be able to attend that event despite how great is sounds. I simply do no have the availability or the resources at this time to contribute to the pot luck. I do look forward to communicating directly with anyone who is interested in the ideas of permaculture within our communities.  I can be contacted directly at wamplersdl@gmail.com

Scott:  I'm new here having just moved home to Indiana from Texas.  I'm very interested in permaculture, though I'm suburban, not urban.  My particular interest lies in the area of edible landscaping and (more esoterically) vertical farming.  My focus this summer, along with getting moved in, is to begin to reposition my landscaping to the edible.  I would love to network with like minded souls.  I'm interested in learning more and becoming more productive.


Best wishes,

RJ "Baja" Sharpe

At this time I only have a link for a youtube video. But this practice of fish and hydroponic greenhouse farming is of great interest to me. I would be happy to work with you to learn more information and help you set up your own advance agricultural processes.http://youtu.be/jV9CCxdkOng
We had our rain barrels installed today (great deal through GreenPiece!).  Our SIPs are doing very well in the raised bed garden.  We already have chickens, but we're considering raising rabbits as pets and for their pellets.  We have a vermicomposting bin, and my understanding is that feeding rabbit pellets to worms creates some of the best fertilizer available.  Has anyone else done or know anything about this?
I am bringing an in-vessel organic rapid composting unit (developed in UK/bio diversion mandate etc) to Indy soon. I am looking for help in finding people/companies interested in a demo. Currently waiting for IDEM to figure out how to categorize it, but we'll figure that out. Thanks. 


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