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I am looking for people who are interested in participation and supporting an Urban Permaculture project in Indianapolis and branching out across Indiana. There are many models of this taking place in communities all across America and the world. There is a substantial amount of research and planning that must be done in advance to program a food forest according to Indiana's own indigenous plant-life and climate. If anyone is interested in more information about this project please respond with any relevant questions or concerns.

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that sounds amazing!  i have no idea what such a thing would be, but i'm game.


How did this project do last year?  I am interested in starting one in West Lafayette.  

We have assembled some great permaculture minds in the permaculture group and they are monitoring that and they are willing to help you get started on the right foot on your project there.  We have just rejiggered the groups on this site and we hope this makes things a bit more useful 


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