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Why doesn't energy efficiency get the press of alternative energy production.

I have gained a lot by focusing on better energy efficiency lately. Then I came accross the following article http://www.treehugger.com/files/2009/08/us-gotten-more-from-energy-...

They say we have gained more in energy efficiency than we have gained in energy production since 1970.

What could we do if we tried?

Does anybody have a link to an article on what are the cheapest ways you can save energy?

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That is exactly correct. The media doesn't care because there is not as much sensationalism with energy efficiency as compared to new products and processes for alternative sources. There isn't that much money being allocated for efficiency; so, it is not news.

The device, EcoPower 4, that I shamelessly self promote:) could make most homes and businesses more efficient in electricity use. There are some requirements to determine how long R.O.I. would be, but it has additional benefits as well including using "green" manufacturing and protection of electrical and electronic equipment. You can check web site www.activtek.net and then get back with me if interested.


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