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Still uncertain on how to activate this feature in Ning.

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The RSS feature is already active on www.AGreenerIndiana.com and it also lurks everywhere on the Internet. RSS stands for REALLY SIMPLE SYNDICATION.
RSS has 3 main applications. The first allows you to use your web browser to monitor many of your favorite sites. Anytime you click that RSS button you can subscribe to the feed with your web browser...this allows you to have a central interface to keep updated on all the feeds you subscribe to.

RSS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST STRENGTHS OF www.AGreenerIndiana.com. It is used in 2 basic ways.

Bringing content in from other sites

Look for the RSS symbol throughout this site...or on any site. (you see the example in the graphic above). When you click that button you will be given a URL. Copy and paste that URL into the RSS feed box located on your profile in the left column at the bottom. Or on a group if you are the creator or an admin. You can control the look of the feed through the options.

A few examples of RSS feeds you might want to add to your page or social network: entries from your external blog, movies you've rented on Netflix, a custom news feed for a topic area related to your social network, or an RSS feed from another social network.

To add an RSS feed to your profile page, first grab the URL of the RSS feed you want to display. Next, head to your My Page on the social network and locate the RSS box, which appears at the bottom of the left column by default. Click the "Edit" button.

Paste in the URL for the feed you'd like to display on your profile. You can also give the box a title (for example, "Movies I've Netflixed"), choose how many items display, and opt for detail view or titles only. Click save and you're all set.

Feeding content to other websites

Many other websites allow feeds to be displayed. www.AGreenerIndiana.com creates these feeds for you! You can feed your photo gallery, your videos, your blogs and more by clicking the RSS symbol located at the bottom of your sections on your AGI profile page.

Remember that you can drag around the componants of your profile page. This customizes the look of your page. Often the RSS feeds you bring in will look best if they are in the middle section.
Eric, thanks for the instructions. My RSS feed is now active on ning. Here is my question;

How do I make my greenerindiana blog move other social networks without copying and pasting?

Here is my observation: when activating the RSS Feed it seem that my personal profile page does get the featured blogs from www.agreenerindiana.com which is an acomplishment.
if you look at the help group you will see that I am feeding your blog into that group. I accomplished this by clicking the rss button that is at the end of your blog section. This give me a URL which I pasted into the RSS feed reader that is a part of AGI.

I am not expert on Twitter, but on Facebook you cannot easily add an RSS feed. What you do in this case is click the share button and then click the facebook button. Then your post will appear on your facebook profile page.


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