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Do people really believe that stone countertops are green? When i say stone I mean granite, marble, limestone, ect. I was reading about the polishing process of granite and you wouldnt believe the amount of water used to wet polish then used to cool the cutting bits on the cnc machine. The part that killed me was how much resin is used to get the stone surface smooth. The artical said that the recient influx of chinas cheap granite needs more work to be "pretty" not to mention that it is shipped 1/2 way arround the earth. Anyone read about the radon gas comming from granite slabs? I just cant wait to fill my house with it.

The second down fall was the invent of the solid surface industry. Pollyester resin based glue as the binder, God awfull glue used to laminate 1/2" layers togather (cant remember the name of the glue). It does scratch and stain, also theose scratches get food stuckin them as well as bacteria.

New laminates have come out and show better ideas with no formaldahide glues but are still wood based. To stick the laminate to the wood surface still takes more glue.

I was reading about a sealer for stone and it said NO VOC. Bullshit!!!! Water has a voc, its call less than 10. Less than to is names that cuz its less than 10 parts per million. So if you ever hear NO VOC call them a uneduacted LIAR or hack salesman.

The next new thing is the cement based countertops. Icestone is probly the biggest, with millions in advertising. Their msds fallows what you would typically see in concrete. Recycled glass reactive pozzolonic materials such as flyash, slag cement, silica fume, are all incorperated to form the cementious binder with colored glass as the aggrigate. Icestone is in New York, where is their glass from? Some glass may be local but is it? How do you know? Even if it is local do you know its recycled? The big kick in the pants after that is that its over 500 miles away.

It just blows me away that big business can llie to you face about enviromental issues, take your money on a BS sales pitch and sleep great.

Buy local, buy natural wwww.hardrock-concrete.com

ps sorry about he spelling errors

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