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Green is the color of demolition's future. Right in step with U.S. EPA’s Reuse/Recycle Initiative, plans are being made by cities accross the country to demolish blighted structures. An expenditure of $695,371 is planned by the City of Indianapolis. If you are a green demolition expert please contact Chelsea Ernsberger, Grant Manager for the City of Indianapolis cernsber@indygov.org who is in a research phase currently. Note that the complete public release was in the Indianapolis Star newspaper on May 13, 2009.

The Ligonier Redevelopment Commission has a great example of "Green demolition". For more information about this project, please contact Bill Wieringa at 317-234-4860 or at wieringa@ifa.IN.gov.

Building materials from the former Essex Wire site in Ligonier in the process of being recycled.
100 tons of reusable material per week – sold
1.6 million bricks – sold and reused at:
an historic church
a light house on the Great Lakes
multi-million dollar homes in six states
Broken brick – utilized as landscaping material
Hard rock maple floor (milled 10-20 years in 1800s) – reused for hand-made banjos and fiddles with very deep rich sound
Oak posts – reused by furniture manufacturers across the U.S.
Unusable wood – mulched instead of discarded
300 tons of steel, copper, aluminum, and brass – recycled
Conserved materials – approximately 5-10% of the building materials will go to a landfill
Employment sustainability – deconstruction employed 30 local people

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Thanks for this posting. It has always disturbed me that so little material is saved from demolished buildings. Especially annoying are the TV programs like "This Old House" or the various home makeover programs (which are usually tear-down-and-build-anew programs). I have never seen an attempt to save even a 2X4 or a window, let alone kitchen cabinets, interior doors, concrete blocks, lighting, etc.

I encourage people to write to these shows and explain the disservice they are doing by discarding everything. Even if they don't have a reuse for it they could give it to one of Habitat's Restores.

Terrific action step Ed! Your thinking is sure to lead to a greener Indiana. Do you have a sample letter or e-mail that you could post.


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