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Most everyone does not realize this; but the quality of power in any building greatly affects the consumption of power and the longevity of the entire electric system. Power quality refers to the presence of voltage surges and distorted harmonics.

Our buildings get some surges and distorted harmonics from the power company. We are familiar with the large surges, like lightning or automobile accidents, that can cause catastrophic failures. But the vast majority of surges and harmonics are actually caused by the electric systems that operate inside our buildings.

These suges and bad harmonics constitute poor power quality and are sometimes referred to as "dirty power" , "noise", or "transients". They are very prevelant in all of our buildings and, to date, we have lived with them as a 'given.'

Now we have the ability to eliminate these surges and bad harmonics within a building. There is a Power Quality system called UtiliGuard that performs this. The end result is that the electric components last longer because they can now 'get' what they were designed for (typically 120 volts at 60 Hertz). Without UtiliGuard the systems get a wild variation of voltage and harmonics.

And the BEST PART is this: the system works so well that electric savings are guaranteed at 20% after the installation of this system. There are some other very cool guarantees as well.

If you'd like to learn more, the manufacturer's website is www.utiliguard.com  

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