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Greener Construction Techniques


Greener Construction Techniques

It is interesting that the construction of houses has remained largely unchanged over the years. In this group the purpose is to discuss some of the new techniques that are coming down the pipe.

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Comment by Terry and Patrica Kok on January 20, 2009 at 5:05pm
Completing the American Dream

Since the birth of this nation, when the umbilical cord was severed from the King of England, his machinery of colonization, and the maintenance of his order over, not only the colonists but also, and most importantly, the native people of this land, We, the People, have struggled to bring our most sacred beliefs into being, to remake the interior and exterior environment to suit our highest ideals of freedom, equality, and peaceful cooperation in the pursuit of what - besides "happiness"? What is the big IT that we aspire to and for? What is this "American dream" really all about?

I'm sure there are as many answers as there are people who have the courage to answer it. As an American I will put forth my vision. Please bare with me as I stumble to explain.

Colonization brought European technology to America along with the idea that the native environment was there to be exploited and the materials used to remake the environment to fit the vision of those who sit on top of the technological pile: architects, engineers, and the financial empires which provide the funding for this process. So, I must ask, what is the ultimate goal of this technological remaking of not only America but also of the entire planetary sphere? What are we trying to accomplish?

I suggest that the answer is rooted in the concept of "closing the loop", going full circle, uniting all opposites as essential spokes on the wheel of life. I'm not just talking about people getting alone with one another without prejudice or inequality. I'm also talking about people getting along with nature, for nature was here, supporting life, before colonization, before humanity itself and it's child: technology. We have been using technology to disassemble the natural or native life supporting environment, rearranging the materials to establish farms, build cities, expand industry, and construct networks for power, communications, and transportation.

We have come to a point in our evolution where the artificial life support systems we have created are causing the collapse of the remaining natural environment at a rate that is sure to bring about our demise unless we clarify our vision and close the loop on all levels. What goes around comes around. The water has become so contaminated that we are drinking each others medications. It is tie to focus our collective attention on wasting nothing, recycling everything, doing more with less, and doing it at home as well as in the world at large.

A nation's natural resources have always been the foundation upon which the nation rests. We are surrounded by resources. Many of them have changed form over the years. The clay is now brick. The dumps are filled with plastic and metal. Look around with a clear eye. Survey your surroundings. How can we best use these resources to take us to a higher level of functioning where we may provide for our own, at home?

I see a lawn which could become a garden, a toilet which could become a composter turning our wastes into fertile soil, a crumbling brick wall and a pile of old windows which could be remade into a vaulted roof greenhouse, a mountain of blown tires which might be rammed with dirt and stacked in U shapes as the walls of earthquake-proof earthship shelters built to last centuries. There is so much we can do, such wealth to redistribute and reconfigure into a sustainable civilization which respects and honors the natural world. It is time to do that. It is time to make our water pure, to cease polluting it, to use the wastes of one industry as the feedstock for the next, to seize the day and conserve our energy, to erect a wind turbine, install a solar panel, to gather with our neighbors to cultivate a community garden and friendships which have the power to put old feuds to rest.

The change begins within and is mirrored without. The change starts in the heart when we choose to love rather than hate, to embrace rather than to push one another away, to care for one another and the environment which gives our bodies birth and maintains us through all our days incarnate. The power to change, to take initiative, to express our vision through our works, is inherent but never taken for granted. Use it or lose it.

Yes, it is time to remake America in the image of wholeness. It is upon each of us to deepen our connection with nature, to employ the technologies which will enable us to close the loop, and to do so with light hearts, active hands, and the blessings of each other as the snake swallows it's eternal tail and the gates to infinity part before us.

We are here to complete the circuit. Once we accomplish that goal we are free to travel elsewhere, to seed and settle distant worlds, to turn the Earth into the breadbasket of the solar system, and to launch an advanced civilization towards the stars. Until we accomplish our goal on Earth, by not only providing ourselves but also the world with the means and methods of sustainable life support, we have work to do. As a citizen of the United States of America, I hereby proclaim my intent and focus my activity towards the facilitation of this goal: the completion of the American Dream.

blessings to all - Jade Dragon/Terry Ryan Kok
January 20th, 2009 CE
Comment by John Marks on December 8, 2008 at 4:45pm
`m curious to see if anyone has ever looked into building a home using ICF`s ??

ICF`s ( Insulated Concrete Forms) are being studied by individuals thru websites and GREEN building product sites. Sadly to say the ideas get shot down by some architects and sub-contractors.
Our company has used these in 45-50 homes and had great sucess with them.
Hopefully through this forum we can increase the comfort of this GREEN product.
The cost should be the same or maybe 2%--4% more, depending on the experience of the installers.
Understanding the high energy efficiency is relatively easy, but understanding the labor savings it has during construction is kinda hidden.

Anyone that has thought of using ICF`s what were some issues or concerns.

I have heard from some electricians that it`s a nightmare, and some say I wish they were all built out of ICF`s.

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