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Cleansing the body doesn’t mean starving and only drinking water. It’s somewhat of a slow process of changing habits while using herbal remedies that will improve the functions of the internal organs and intestinal track. Think of it more like a lifestyle change than a body cleanse. I like to use the timeframe of thirty days to focus on several different forms of cleansing. After all, we don’t muck up our body in only two weeks, so cleansing should be a long term process as well.

I’m sure as I write the series on body cleansing I’ll be pointing out several of the same topics in every blog post. The first is water. Water is so important for the liver to cleanse. It’s also important for every aspect of the body down to the cells. The human body is composed of mostly water, something like 70% water, which should be the light bulb that water is essential to life. When I speak of water, I just have to clarify; I mean pure water, not soda, not tea, not sports drink but pure clean quality h20. Drinking no less than eight glasses of water a day will improve health dramatically. Hydration is nature’s anti-wrinkle cream as well. So drink your water while the body is cleansing and the liver is cleansing. I also want to mention when drinking water, use a filter on your sink or a filtered water pitcher, and buy a stainless steel water bottle to carry with you. It’ll save on plastic waste from the water bottles you buy and help reduce pollution from the factories that create the plastic water bottles.

One of the biggest points I should mention is as your body is releasing the toxins and waste build up, you may feel slightly under the weather. This is completely normal so don’t give up. What happens is the toxins get released into the bloodstream as they are on their way out of the body. At this point DO NOT take over the counter medication. Instead, use natural remedies to clean the blood as you’re doing the body cleanse. One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to clean and purify the blood is garlic. Garlic is a natural blood purifier which strengthens the immune system; it improves cardiovascular health and kills parasites in the intestinal track. Whenever possible, fresh garlic is always best but you can also buy it in the capsule form at any health food store.

Another great blood purifier is burdock root. I haven’t had much luck finding the root locally but you can buy it online in its whole form. If not, it comes in capsules as well, which is what I use. Burdock root clears congestion in circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory and urinary systems. Burdock root helps the body to eliminate excess fluids and stimulates the elimination of toxins which relieves the liver and improves digestion. It also acts as a blood purifier.

Begin the blood purifying at the start of the body cleanse and make sure to exercise no less than 4 times a week. A good body cleansing exercise will have you sweating for at least an hour a day. More toxins are released through sweat, the lungs and breath than anything else. So it’s important to incorporate exercise into your body cleansing routine. This will help remove those toxins much faster and you’ll be feeling back to yourself in no time.

Jennifer Lamb

Master Herbalist

Sunshine and Herbs




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Body cleansing is important. We all absorb toxins every day, everywhere we go. What we eat, drink and breath all put toxins into our bodies. Your article is wonderful. I really like the way you let the reader know to expect to feel ill during the process, and to not take any OTC meds. All Natural is the way to go!

Thank you for the compliment Katrina :)


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