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Potassium is considered the mineral that supports human life. It is the third
 most abundant mineral in the body.  Potassium is an electrolyte and almost 
95% of potassium, which is stored in our body fluids, is inside the cell.
Unlike the other minerals in the electrolyte group, sodium and chloride
which is stored in our body fluids outside the cell. Balancing electrolytes
is important because this is how human cells create electrical impulses that
allow cells to communicate with each other.

The human body relies on ample supplies of potassium. The brain requires
potassium to maintain the electrical conductivity which is involved in
higher brain functions such as memory and learning abilities. The muscles
rely on potassium which allows the muscles to contract and relax. The mineral
potassium also insures proper growth of muscle tissue. The heart, which is
the largest muscle in the body, relies on ample supplies of potassium to
maintain a regular beat and regulate blood pressure.

If you exercise regularly and eat a well balanced diet your chances of being
potassium deficient is unlikely. If you suffer from frequent diarrhea,
vomiting or use a heavy amount of synthetic diuretics, you may want to add
some potassium rich foods and supplements into to your diet. Some symptoms
of being potassium deficient may include muscle weakness, fatigue, anxiety,
memory loss, constipation, sleep disorder, heart palpitation, irregular
heart beat and depression.

There are several ways to increase your potassium intake. Many foods contain
high levels of potassium and adding them into your daily meal plan will
increase potassium levels in the body. Many fruits such as apricots, bananas
and mangos are high in potassium as well as fruit juices such as prune juice,
grapefruit juice and orange juice. You can also receive the mineral through
dried fruits such as figs, dates and currants. There are also several
vegetables that contain high levels of potassium. Cauliflower, broccoli,
Brussel sprouts and artichoke are just a few. Some meat is high in
potassium as well. Beef, chicken, turkey, and many fish contain the
mineral. By eating a well balanced diet you are insuring your potassium
levels are adequate.

If you need a supplement to increase your level of potassium there are several
herbal supplements that contain the mineral. Dandelion root, which is a
natural diuretic, is extremely high in potassium as well as many other
vitamins and minerals. Kelp is another extremely potassium rich natural
supplement and also supplies many other vitamins and minerals as well.
Bupleurum which is used to improve digestion and the circulatory system
is also very high in potassium.

The mineral potassium is the life mineral of the human body. Many of the
functions of the body rely heavily on the adequate supply of potassium.
If you eat a well balanced diet and exercise regularly your chances of
being potassium deficient are unlikely. Do not over use synthetic diuretics
as they deplete the body of the much needed mineral potassium. If you have
frequent diarrhea or vomiting it is recommended to add some potassium rich
foods or supplements to your daily diet.

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