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I was able to attend the Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce's Green Street Initiative seminar in February. It was chockful of information, including many tips on how small businesses can cut co…

I was able to attend the Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce's Green Street Initiative seminar in February. It was chockful of information, including many tips on how small businesses can cut costs by reducing energy consumption. I wrote something about it for Small Biz Insight, a quarterly newsletter published the Business Ownership Initiative of Indiana, or BOI (http://www.businessownership.org). The newsletter has been published in hard copy, but not yet posted to the BOI Web… Continue

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Call-in Podcast with Dr. Tang Lee- Better Building, Preventing and Treating Mold/Mould

You’re invited to join in a live interactive event on Living in a Chemical Soup Podcast.

Guest Expert: Dr. Tang Lee from the University of Calgary.

Professor of Architecture (Building Science and Environmental Health)

I’ll be talking with Dr. Lee about mold and it’s effects on human health. Better building, prevention, remediation, what we can do when faced with this serious health problem

How to participate and talk with Dr. Lee:

Link to the chat room… Continue

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Eat the View: Onion Sets

The cold spring rain will soften the earth are ready the soil for your onion sets. Change your thinking. Lead a thought revolution. Eat your view and grow some onion sets. This year's provisions came from www.bonnieplants.com or Union Spring Alabama.

The instructions suggest that you plant 1 inch deep and space 4 inches apart. The raised bed has been prepare for onions, snow peas, morning glories and beans. To plant, I used the corner of the hoe to make a v-shaped trench down to the… Continue

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A rebuttal to Larry Wilson's criticism of the Merrillville Town Hall Solar Project

First watch this if you don't know what this is about:


Then read:

Larry Wilson Letter to the Editor

People in region need to do math on benefits of solar energy technology

I read the article about Merrillville install solar panels on the town hall building to save $650 a year on energy costs. They can probably save that amount by caulking around doors and windows, installing… Continue

Added by Tracy Hall on March 28, 2009 at 5:23pm — 1 Comment

Indy Food Co-op on Cover of NUVO!

Pick a copy up at the NUVO Newsweekly box or read the article here:
NUVO (Cover) 3/18/09: Downtown farmers dig deep - http://tinyurl.com/crowyq

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Pea overboard

Change your thinking. Lead a thought revolution. Plant some peas in your yard.

With the earth turned and the compost integrated the remaining step is to plant peas, beans, morning glories or other climbing plant. The tendrils will grow and climb up and over the netting, covering it completely.

Sow pea seeds in March as soon as it is dry enough to work the soil. Peas are best planted in early spring because they thrive in cool, moist weather. The optimum soil temperature range for the… Continue

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"Step It Up!"

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

With urgency, McKibben calls for global action to make 350 the target in climate change

GOSHEN, Ind. – Bill McKibben hopes that the world is ready to act fast, and aim for 350 – "the most important number in the world."

"Anything more than that is not compatible with life on this planet," the environmental author, educator and activist said. The number 350 refers to the parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which… Continue

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Gardening - Growing food Survival videos.

Reposted with Thanks from:

Little Sister Katy

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------

From: Μολὼν λάβε El' Presidente endorsing SilverDon.



Date: Mar 17, 2009 11:38 PM

Subject: Gardening - Growing food…

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www.the912project.com principles

9 Principles that I am living by in this greener Indiana. If you agree with these principles shout out and comment. Lead the thought revolution. Change your thinking today.

1. America Is Good.

2. I believe in God and He is the Center of my Life.

3. I must always try to be a more honest person than I was yesterday.

Honesty “I hope that I shall always possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider to be the most enviable of all titles, the… Continue

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12 Values www.the912project.com

It is my intention to live by these 12 Values to make a greener Indiana. If you agree with these values then add me as your friend, shout out or comment. Change your thinking. Lead a thought revolution. The 12 Values of the912project are:

Hard Work
Personal Responsibility

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Green your routine: Food Abundance

OK, quick quiz:Which purchase is likely to yield food abundance

a) Discount club—the 30-pack of sausages

b) Supermarket—that bag of washed, greens

c) Organic grocer—the eggplant you've always wanted to try.

d) None of the above.

Lead a thought revolution. Change your thinking. Answer: none of the above

About a quarter of all the food we bring home is not eaten.

Seven simple steps to food abundance:

Tip 1: Think like a grocery stocker; inventory, manage… Continue

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A greener bridal shower

It's the everyday that can be extraordinary when we chooser to take steps for a greener Indiana. Lead the thought revolution, start by changing your thinking today. As an eco-urban city wife, I will host two bridal showers, one for a dear friend and the other for my first cousin's fiance. So here are the steps to my green success;

Green Simple Step 1: Send the invitations electronically.

Sample invitation

You are invited for a “Round the clock”

Girl’s only… Continue

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Energy is is all around us. It is in our bodies, in our food, in our homes, in nature, in animals and plants, in the sun, and in the wind. We don't tend to think of how much energy we actually have right in front of us. As Barrak Obama starts hi presidency i have high hopes for change in the energy crisis. Yet we as individuals can take steps to change our ways to more healthy and efficient ways of living. If each one of us took the initiative to harness our own individual energy we could… Continue

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My Eco Goals

My eco friendly dream is to have an eco friendly home. A building that works with the environment instead of against it. I'm currently designing the features I want to include into it. Weather it be a home that I will renovate or build from scratch everything will be 100% eco. I definitely want a green house/ green room which will either be attached to the house or separate so I can grow my own food. Solar panels on the roof are a must. With skylights, letting natural light in to the home.… Continue

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Global Warming & Change

When you look out your window or go for a walk outside in nature what do you see? You might see a blue sky with a glowing sun and a flock of birds soaring through the air like feathers, but when your eyes are really open and really focusing on the things that are happening in front of you, you might see something completely different. I am here to tell you that there is something deeper than our existence at work and it is happening right in front of us every second of the sunlit day, and every… Continue

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I was reading a couple articles on "STUFF" and got me thinking on how much we really don't need. here are a couple articles you might beinterested in reading.



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Solar Research for Solar Project

I have been researching solar for the past year now and have learned how it works. I have been researching several solar companies that have sparked my interest. I hope that you guys could help me in narrowing down the company i will choose to go with or help me learn about each component of the system and narrow down some of the brands and products tht go into a solar system if i am to do it myself installation.

So far i have come across 2 kinds of solar companies.

The… Continue

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Staycation: Packing to stay at home

Hoosier Hysteria begins to creep up on my homestead this time of year, when you taste spring and then plunge back into the bitter winter winds. The sunshine is fleeting during this March Madness. Packing to stay home seems like the smartest thing to do with the remainder of the month.

A pot of chili will bubble and boil on the stove filling the hallways with paprika and spice. Thinly shave peppered beef and smoked turkey from Claus’s on Shelby will make mini sandwiches and brownies will… Continue

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A perfect mess

Learning about the hidden benefits of clutter, disorder and being messy in this book "A perfect Mess" by Eric Abrahamson & David Freedman was inspiring and even freeing.

Given the time, energy, money to combat mess and disorder - and the deep widespread anxieties that motivates you and I to spend on cleaning and organizing is mentally toxic. Change your thinking ... be a part of a thought revolution

Let's be clear, burying oneself in extraenous clutter or filth is not… Continue

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Green Cleaning without Toxic Ingredients

Spring is in the air and spring cleaning will soon be here. Have you thought about the safety of the cleaning products you use around the house? According to some consumer polls, many people don’t seem that concerned. The problem with this is simple – the negative health effects may take years to surface so we don’t connect the use of a chemical-based cleaner today with an illness in the future! Cleaning products are large contributors to VOC levels in our homes as discussed last month in our… Continue

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