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March 2010 Blog Posts (9)

Take a Green Vacation!

It’s Spring Vacation time, which gets me in the mood to plan a trip. Home or abroad, I’m still the same person who can’t bring herself to toss a pop can. Why should I leave my green ways

behind me just because I’m traveling?

Green vacationing means choosing activities that have less impact on the planet: staying closer to home, driving instead of flying, or choosing lodgings…


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Watch out for more "big ideas" for White River in Indianapolis

White River: Watch out! Here they come again with more “big ideas”…


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INFORMATIONAL: Lessons in Masonry Heaters 2

Heating Performance

Masonry heaters can serve as the primary heat source in a modern home of 1500-2000 Sq Ft, particularly when it is located in center of a living space. The heat output is controlled by the amount of wood burned, while the rate of heat delivery remains comparatively steady. On each firing of 50lbs of wood, a Temp-Cast fireplace can deliver 250,000 BTU’s of radiant heat.…


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Refugees and the Environment

This topic is something that has not been addressed enough. The USA has opened the spigot to massive numbers of immigrants(legal,illegal), asylums, legal refugees. The majority of immigration… Continue

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Help social lending from people with poor solar and wind resources

Here in Northern Indiana we have poor resources for wind and solar. This is why social lending over the internet to help people invest in solar and wind if they are located in good areas for this is a powerful idea.

I really wanted to champion this idea, so I purchased a number of domains and gave a couple of private presentations but I never really had the energy to invest in it that much. This idea needs a new champion and I need to exit and focus on other…


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Isokern's NEW GreenTech Fireplace Announced at UN Global Climate Summit

Our new EPA Approved GreenTech Standard Fireplaces are the first wood burning fireplace of it's kind to meet and exceed U.S. EPA standards for fireplace emissions. Within the next few years, all fireplaces will be required to meet Green Standards and the Isokern GreenTech fireplace is ready now to be specified and installed in homes and projects. The EPA Wood-Burning Fireplace Program Qualified system is a prefabricated, refractory modular… Continue

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Breaking Ground

Do you smell that? It's spring and time to break the earth from the snowbound wreakage of the winter to rake the thatch and prepare the innoculant for the new growth season. This forum provides everyone the opportunity to publish and post the everyday effort of average folk who want to make Indiana Greener.

My effort is around filling the kitchen garden with fresh ingredients that travel 15 feet to my table.

All the hardgoods are purchased and…


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The Groucho Marxist Party definitely has possibilities. How much would a website cost? Of course,

the Groucho Marxist party could solicit no members... catch 22...

because anybody who should be a member wouldn't want to be a member. I like it!

Meanwhile... the… Continue

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