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Northwest Indiana's Earth Day Event

Just getting ready for Northwest Indiana's Earth Day Event on Apr. 21st, 2012. The Aquaponics Association will be hosting a booth and will be bringing a live and mobile Aquaponics set up. Earl Ward, Co-Chair of the North Central…


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Teaching Green

Teaching Green - The April Green Hour

Tuesday, April 17 - 6pm at Legend - 5614 E Washington Street, 46219

This month we'll continue our effort to provide a forum for 'Green' in Indianapolis by bringing you Colleen McCormick, the Director of IUPUI's Office of Sustainability.

You already know that IUPUI is one of the most popular and important institutions of higher…


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April 7th, Holy Saturday

Gensis 2:1-3

Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all their multitude. And on the seventh day God finished the work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all the work that he had done. So God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, because on it God rested from all the work that he had done in creation.

Levititucs 25: ... but in the seventh year there shall be a sabboth of complete rest for the land..

Today the liturgy is about "rest". Of…


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Back and runing

Was on a retreat last week at Victory Noll in Huntington. It was a very refreshing one, helped me to gain some relaxation and strength. 

Also able this weekend to spend some time in the garden as well. So I will be adding more to my blog latter this week. Pax

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City Gardener Program helps you cope with your lawn and garden

If you've just moved into your first house with a yard and you are unsure of what to do with the lawn, trees and, oh, you might like to have a vegetable or flower garden, then the City Gardener Program is for you. It also will help those who have had a house for a while, but would like to learn more about caring for the landscape and gardens. The program runs for six Wednesdays, 6:15 to 8:15 p.m., beginning April 11.

Sponsored by Purdue University Marion County Extension, Steve Mayer,…


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"...but you shall be called "My delight,"and your land "Espoused" Isaiah 61:10-62:5

I have never thought of land being espoused? Espoused basically mean to some extent "promised" equivalent to "betrothed"

Married to your land? How often do I think of creation in these terms? Do I really see the land as something special to me, desirable?, And what is my part in it? Am I a good partner to the land?

How often that age old "I am the center of the universe" comes to play.…


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The Divine Office of Creation

Added by David Gladding-Vanderipe on March 20, 2012 at 8:26pm — 1 Comment

1st www.AGreenerIndiana.com outreach

This is a post made to show people how RSS feeds work.

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Register to Vote - here with this easy online link!

If you are not registered to vote, or know anyone who is not, here is an easy to use online registration form.  I know it is often tough in Indiana to find a candidate who has any chance of winning who supports the environmental movement at all, but we MUST NOT give up and WE MUST try.  Often it comes down to choices of lesser evils, and while voting is great, campaigning for or against candidates is helpful also.   Getting out the vote for Environmental Progressives is also incredibly…


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A Place To Call Home

A Place to Call Home

Tuesday, March 20 - 6pm at Legend Classic Irvington Cafe - 5614 E Washington Street 46219

This month at the Green Hour we'll feature an organization that has spent the last 4 years screening movies, hosting concerts and art and even opening a cafe. They've defined success for sustainability based…


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Exploring New Technologies

I'm starting a little grass roots campaign to get as many of our great network of Indianapolis sustainability folks to consider joining Google+. I know you have 112 things you'd rather be doing than joining another social network but hear me out.

Starting in April, I'll be adding a spin off to our Green Hour model. On…


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Your Sustainable Yard

Tuesday, February 28, 6pm at Legend Classic Irvington Cafe - 5614 E Washington 46219

This month Spotts Garden Service helps us continue our effort to provide a forum for 'Green' in Indianapolis by bringing the Indianapolis Office of Sustainability's Urban Conservation Team.

Since it's inception, the Indianapolis Office of Sustainability has operated with limited staff and…


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Wind power

New wind power technology git involved spread the word help us out.  http://www.indiegogo.com/CEO-1325129877

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Sunshine and Herbs-Body cleansing Introduction

Cleansing is such a powerful experience. Not only does it open circulation throughout the body and increase blood flow to the brain, it increases the mood tenfold. Even if you can only commit to a seven day cleanse, the experience itself will bring you back to do it again and again. Cleansing incorporates herbal supplements, clean alkalizing foods, juicing and exercise. Sunshine and Herbs makes cleaning a lifestyle.

I created Sunshine and Herbs with idea of a healthy lifestyle that…


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Liver Cleanse herbal remedy

Making a commitment to do something can be tricky, on one hand you know that commitment is what’s right on the other hand, giving up something that feels good at the moment is very difficult. But when it comes to doing a liver cleanse, giving up that piece of cake or that beer, is going to do your health a world of good.

When making a commitment to do a liver cleanse, you must commit to no less than thirty days. This is very important because the liver rejuvenates and repairs itself on…


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Body Cleanse

Cleansing the body doesn’t mean starving and only drinking water. It’s somewhat of a slow process of changing habits while using herbal remedies that will improve the functions of the internal organs and intestinal track. Think of it more like a lifestyle change than a body cleanse. I like to use the timeframe of thirty days to focus on several different forms of cleansing. After all, we don’t muck up our body in only two weeks, so cleansing should be a long term process as well.



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Liver Cleanse-pre cleanse

It’s that time again, the time to cleanse out the inside of the body and prepare for summer. There is nothing more beautiful in the summer than healthy glowing skin. There are a few things to do first to prepare for the cleanse. I never skip this step because it’s really important. It’s the pre cleanse phase.

The mind is a powerful tool. The mind is also a very destructive tool as well. Step one in the cleanse is getting the mind prepared for change. Everyone is different in this aspect.…


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I would like to begin a conversation on this, although I am new to this organization I am slinging spaghetti and see if this sticks..............Thomas


Added by Thomas Henderson on February 10, 2012 at 5:15pm — 1 Comment


It is all about the people that I have met along the way, the locals with good wishes and the sheriff's coaching me on the techniques of protecting myself.  These have been super days and only the best is yet to come.

This 200 square feet is so much more.  It is an opportunity to invent green and showcase that small is possible.

Let's grow something real and begin to germinate a change of thought to begin a new structure, dynamic and construct of living.  Keepers of the hearth…


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Indiana Shorelines at Peril

More seasons of fun in the sun at any one of Indiana's bountiful number of lakes could be in peril, at any time. Peril not just for the lucky few that  own lakefront property, but also for the ones that are considered the public, and have limited access to many public waters. I have noticed the impending peril for a long time, it  took this latest catastrophe  for me to look into it in more depth.

Recently a lakefront home burned, on Tippecanoe Lake. Now this is not just some small…


Added by Ellen on January 27, 2012 at 10:30pm — 4 Comments

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