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Summer of Survival

The free webinar "Summer of Survival" has inspired me to think about Summer emergency preparations.  Time and distance from any event will enable you to complete tasks to do in advance of impending chaos.  Planning prevents panic, so here is a list to help your hearth and home

Plug in  any Electric Generators

Charge Phones

Complete the Laundry

Bake the Eggs

Hydrate the House with Citrus Peel Water…


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2014 Eby's Pines Sustainability efforts

2014 Eby’s Green Report

Eby’s Pines Campground and RV Resort, www.EbysPines.com  has been in operation for over 46 years.  We are nestled amongst the pines between Bonneyville Mills County Park, and the Little Elkhart River; located in the heart of Northern Indiana Amish Country.  We have over 300 sites including several electric- water and full hook up connections, cabin rentals, and primitive camp sites.  We have ample space for…


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Herbaceous plants like Asparagus are nutrient dense and are an important part of permaculture. Crowns of the garden, These green spears are a hardy plant can be grown in Indiana with only one year of toiling in the soil and will rewarding for the long term. Taking 3 years for a significant harvest with a life span of two decades. Divided in the spring these plants are self seeders and need to be planted on a mound of earth fanning the fingers gently to maximize growth they should be planted 12… Continue

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Ecotech Institute’s Free Online Course, “Introduction to Sustainability”, Changes the Way Students Approach Sustainability

Student feedback from Ecotech Institute’s free online “Introduction to Sustainability” course proved the opportunity was valued by students across the globe and changed the way they approached sustainability initiatives.

Kyle Crider,…


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Ecotech Institute to Host Webinar on the Growing Demand for Power Utility Technicians

On Friday, April 4, Ecotech Institute will hold a free 30-minute webinar on the power utility industry that takes a look at the changes and opportunities available in this evolving industry. Because of this sphere’s aging work force,…


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Ecotech Institute Students Filled 15 Recycle Bins From Denver’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Route

Ecotech Institute’s St. Patrick’s Day float collected nearly 15 recycle bins full of water bottles, cups, paper, cans, bottles and cardboard, making it a huge hit. It all began with an idea from student Chris Stevens and resulted in a student-made recycling bin to collect all recyclables…


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Grassroots Idea by Ecotech Institute Student Inspires Float in The Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Chris Stevens, an Ecotech Institute student, wanted to help pick up recycling along The Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade route in order to keep this favorite green holiday truly as “green” as possible. He took his idea to parade organizers and from there it turned into a float in the parade…


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Ecotech Institute’s Clean Jobs Index Shows a 19 Percent Increase in Clean Jobs in 2013

Ecotech Institute’s Clean Jobs Index, a tool to compare states’ use and development of clean and sustainable energy, found more than 3.5 million job postings in the clean energy sector last year. This is a 19 percent increase…


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Ecotech Institute Students Graduate “Job Ready” With Industry Certifications

Students attending Ecotech Institute, the only college entirely focused on renewable energy and sustainability training, can now receive industry certification from three distinct national standards development and credential organizations. This provides Ecotech Institute graduates the best foundation possible to immediately make an impact in their field. 

Ecotech Institute students have the opportunity to graduate with certifications from…


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Ecotech Institute to Host Webinar, “Launching a Career in Engineering Technology”

On Tuesday, March 4, Ecotech Institute will hold a free 30-minute afternoon webinar, “Launching a Career in Engineering Technology,” that takes a look at how to have a successful career in engineering technology. The session is part of an…


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The Maumee Matters; Earth WEEK 2014

THE Canoe Event of 2014 ~ Land Crew meet up or dare to Canoe the ENTIRE Maumee River with us.

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Trade Ya! The August Green Hour

Trade Ya! The August Green Hour - Tuesday August 20 6pm at Black Acre Brewing - 5632 E Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219

They are passionate about improving our City, giving back to the community and working as a team. 

They believe in education that's accessible to everyone. 

At Trade School Indianapolis, money never changes hands,…


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Disneyland Misadventure at Fair Oaks Farm another embarrassment for Indiana

The Milk of Human Unkindness: Betraying Children With Every Glass


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The Laundress, Cook and Nurse


In honor of the 150 Anniversary of the Civil war we gather our permaculture posies, bind are breasts for uniform, prepare the wash tub, and gather the gear of gauze, cotton and whiskey to help at the field hospital.

With quill and parchment in hand, Women often joined the civil war as a way to earn money.  The first paid positions for women were the cook and the nurse but others found a  pension as soliders or spies more rewarding financially.  The hoop skirt was the perfect…


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The Economy of Summer


Linens on the line and the heavy of winter removed from our laundry cycle. Ahh summer has arrived and we welcome the next season into our lives.  Tupperware Tumblers rather then solo cups are some of the green chances that we can foster everyday.  Planting exotic mints in the permaculture patch and cooking slowly in an energy efficient crockpot.


What changes are you making?


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Hoosier Lawmakers and Indiana Coal

Nine of the 11 members of Indiana’s congressional delegation have sent a letter to President Obama asking him to kill a proposed regulation on coal-fired power plants.......“And "we the people” continue to pay every day the hidden costs in poor health, weather extreme disasters, food shortages, displaced populations, species loss. and so much more due to the activities of big coal, oil, gas, that just increases the bottom line of the greediest among humanity. They in turn use that blood…


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Heat, Drought and Water Conservation - The May Green Hour

Heat, Drought and Water Conservation - The May Green Hour

The May Green Hour - Tuesday, May 21st - 6pm at Black Acre Brewing Co. - 5632 E Washington, Indianapolis 46219 

Remember last summer when severe heat and drought led the City of Indianapolis and many neighboring cities and towns to impose water restrictions? These actions amounted to a culture shock for many of our friends and neighbors. Unfortunately though, in some parts of the…


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INDOT, USACE fooling with feel good measures

Fooling with 'feel good measures,' mitigations reported recently regarding ecological destruction along I69 extension, and everywhere else.

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Earth Day...isn't it every day?

If people are 'genuinely enthused about conservation and taking care of the planet,' stay home, plant a garden, plant a tree, ride a bike, take a walk, on 'Earth' day, rather than attending a long distance,  Earth day 'event', especially one sponsored by some of the largest polluters on Earth.

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JN0-102 Exam - Things You Should Know About!

Discussing the Juniper JN0-102 Exam

The Juniper Associate JNCIA Junos is a very important certification program offered by the Juniper for the IT professionals. The JN0-102 is basically the exam code for this popular certification which is especially designed for the professionals with some the very beginner level of intermediate knowledge, experience and skills regarding the networking related applications and matters. This Juniper certification actually validates and verifies the…


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Feed from Indiana Living Green Magazine

Too good to be true?


I have had CREDO cell service for several years, and have utmost confidence in their integrity.

Still, what they’re offering is so TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE that I feel I should verify the info locally before taking this action: they’ve sent me and email with “an opportunity to [...]

Cap this

Hi, Renee!

In December you mentioned only recycling bottle caps attached to their bottles.  I wanted to bring to your attention the “Bottle Caps for Benches” initiative.  IUPUI partnered with the 2015 NCAA Men’s Final Four Sustainability Committee to collect plastic bottle caps of any kind that would be made [...]

Drop the box

Hello Renee,

We have a small business in Noblesville, Indiana and would like to recycle our cardboard. Is there a place where you can take your cardboard for recycling instead of having it picked up?

Thank you.


Hello Shelly!

Your county, city or town web site is always a [...]

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