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Summer of Survival

The free webinar "Summer of Survival" has inspired me to think about Summer emergency preparations.  Time and distance from any event will enable you to complete tasks to do in advance of impending chaos.  Planning prevents panic, so here is a list to help your hearth and home

Plug in  any Electric Generators

Charge Phones

Complete the Laundry

Bake the Eggs

Hydrate the House with Citrus Peel Water…


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Grassroots Idea by Ecotech Institute Student Inspires Float in The Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Chris Stevens, an Ecotech Institute student, wanted to help pick up recycling along The Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade route in order to keep this favorite green holiday truly as “green” as possible. He took his idea to parade organizers and from there it turned into a float in the parade that could gather recycling along the route. Students and staff…


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Local Feast - Food For Thought

Tuesday, November 20 at 6pm - Legend - 5614 E Washington Street, 46219

This month the Irvington Green Initiative will continue our effort to provide a forum for everything 'Green' by presenting Kristin Hess and Laura Henderson. Kristin is the award-winning photographer and graphic designer that brought Food For Thought: An…


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Falling for a green transition

A great big temper tantrum for my transition to fall! In with a cold, head congestion and many toss and turn nights the thought of turning my home for the season was the last thing from my mind. But fall marches for no woman like the brisk wind from the North. So in honor of the days ahead the season of light here are my favorite green transition in this season of orange and…


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Exploring New Technologies

I'm starting a little grass roots campaign to get as many of our great network of Indianapolis sustainability folks to consider joining Google+. I know you have 112 things you'd rather be doing than joining another social network but hear me out.

Starting in April, I'll be adding a spin off to our Green Hour model. On…


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Stand Up and Be Heard!

Both Mayor Ballard and Melina Kennedy have been guests of the Green Hour. You've heard them both talk about their sustainable ideas for Indianapolis. The September Green Hour is your chance to tell them about your sustainable ideas for Indianapolis. We'll record your 1 minute sustainability monologue and deliver the final video to both Mayoral candidates. Come to the Green Hour and bring a…


Added by Jeff Echols on September 23, 2011 at 11:20am — 2 Comments

My Green Mentor

The Green Awards celebrate and reward smart environmental initiatives in four categories. There are 150 project applications from all across the country, but there’s ONLY ONE from the State of Indiana.

I need help getting the word out about a project we're trying to get funded. We've applied for a Green Award for MyGreenMentor. It will be a website along the lines of TED or IdeaMensch or Udemy but designed to connect sustainability mentors with proteges around the world. We need…


Added by Jeff Echols on March 17, 2011 at 5:12pm — 2 Comments

A green day of gratitude

The beautiful gifts of gratitude begin in nature

so today, I invite you to be steward of the earth

in your own body,

in your own consciousness,

in your own loving heart

A caregiver of nature.

the thanksgiving treasures of your life:

the opportunities that you have been given,

the ones that have effortlessly opened up for you this year.

Reflect upon the ground you…


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Swimming through the Holidays

As we buckle up for the economic turbulence ahead, let’s remember Steinbeck’s message: we can remain who we are, as long as we’re willing to be surprised by who that is.

Every day we can…


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The Big Turn Off

Change your thinking and lead a thought revolution by participating in the Big Turn off as a worldwide social experiement to take 24 hours off digital media.

The date for The Big Turn Off is 1/1/2011. Will you join me in this effort?

Make this your “New Year’s resolution.” for the a new decade. I would like to think of this as a new decade of where we could have a little more conscience decade of the media we are consuming and doing…


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10 Secrets to a GREEN Christmas

Here are a 10 of my favorite ideas for greening your christmas.…


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It's a new week everyone lets all remember Green. Their's two things that Green does it Helps our Planet, and it looks good staying in your wallet!!! So remember by Helping your Planet your helping your self. Going Green really does put the Green back in your pocket.

Tim Brazell Green Iternational Technology Services LLC


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Protecting our Planet from pollution:

According to Environmental Protection Agency acid rain is a serious environmental problem that affects large parts of the United States. Acid rain is particularly damaging to lakes, streams, and forests and the plants and animals that live in these ecosystems. And they go on to say, Acid rain causes…


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Sow seed Sunday

With the first arrival of tulips my thoughts turn to the second seed sowing season…summer. We deserve the most nutrient food to assist our bodies with our quality of life. As a community the most affordable option is to start for seed. Change your thinking and lead the thought revolution and if that is too much then just sow the seed today. How does your garden grow?

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Take a Green Vacation!

It’s Spring Vacation time, which gets me in the mood to plan a trip. Home or abroad, I’m still the same person who can’t bring herself to toss a pop can. Why should I leave my green ways

behind me just because I’m traveling?

Green vacationing means choosing activities that have less impact on the planet: staying closer to home, driving instead of flying, or choosing lodgings…


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How we move: Naptown Bicycle Trail

On Wednesday, Congressman Carson, Mayor Ballard and Brian Payne announced that the U.S. Dept. of Transportation awarded the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene and Marilyn Glick $20.5 million to complete the remaining corridors of the trail in… Continue

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Article on Save Maumee from Freeze Dried Gray Matter

Change starts at the ground roots level

Friday, February 12, 2010

By Robert Rouse


Abigail Frost ~ Now Abigail King


Mr & Mrs. Davis and Abigail King were married on the shores of the Maumee River on June 5,…


Added by Abigail King (Frost-King) on February 13, 2010 at 4:00pm — 2 Comments

People for Urban Progress (PUP)

FEARLESS: Creating the Courage to Change the Things you Can” by Steve Chandler is epitomized by Maryanne O’Malley and Michael Bricker the co-founders of People for Urban Progress (PUP). After realizing that indeed the 13 out of 15 acres or 250 tons of fabric was to be place into the landfill they sprang into action like to members of the Justice League from the Superheroes of reuse, reduce, recycle.

People for Urban Progress are the reason that I have a blog on… Continue

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Indiana Green Business Awards Nominees are...

...it could be you or someone YOU admire in the State for their green project or personal efforts

Nominations are being accepted until 26th January. Are you a little bit greener or alot? We want to know.

The Indiana Green Business Awards are being run by Green Fest Expos and the awards dinner will be held on March 25, the evening before Green Fest Indy 2010 opens on March 26-28

Nominations are being accepted in 14 categories including:-

A Reduced Energy… Continue

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A Green Christmas (Updated)

Six main contributors of holiday waste: Change your thinking and lead the thought revolution to a greener Indiana!

Food; From leftovers to forgotten freezer burned food, let’s plan to stretch our dollar and make food go farther. Easy solutions are food digesters(i.e. cones and tumblers), or donating your extra to the local chicken farmer. Feed the birds before the bread molds. Use the coffee grinds as a beauty regime. Take the peels of citrus for your infusions. How do you minimize… Continue

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