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UrBIN Travel Kit

Before we leave Winter behind with its' hat and mittens lets reflect upon our preparedness during travel with our precious cargo in tow.  These are my must haves for my Urban bin:

30 hour candle

Duct Tape

Ear Plugs

Thermacare body wrap

Toasty Toes foot Insole

Trash Bag

Hot Hands Hand warmer

Hot Cans Cocoa a self heating beverage

Utility Flame:  Gel based fire starter



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Summer of Survival

The free webinar "Summer of Survival" has inspired me to think about Summer emergency preparations.  Time and distance from any event will enable you to complete tasks to do in advance of impending chaos.  Planning prevents panic, so here is a list to help your hearth and home

Plug in  any Electric Generators

Charge Phones

Complete the Laundry

Bake the Eggs

Hydrate the House with Citrus Peel Water…


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The Laundress, Cook and Nurse


In honor of the 150 Anniversary of the Civil war we gather our permaculture posies, bind are breasts for uniform, prepare the wash tub, and gather the gear of gauze, cotton and whiskey to help at the field hospital.

With quill and parchment in hand, Women often joined the civil war as a way to earn money.  The first paid positions for women were the cook and the nurse but others found a  pension as soliders or spies more rewarding financially.  The hoop skirt was the perfect…


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With this blast of bitter air we are reminded that Spring is officially here and we have been germinating for weeks in our kitchen window gardens, sheds and cold frames.  In honor of Heather Tallmans bold decision to have a second act to this play called life, I salute those busy women who still find time to put coconut honey rice pudding in their crockpots and sing, write, and paint their well being into a meaningful life purpose.


Keepers of the hearth plan a garden…


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A Green Move

The cardboard boxes are an expense … upcycle your move with an acquisition strategy that reuses the excess of the food industry.  Boxes are plentiful when you are a wholesaler buying by the case.  I suggest choosing rectangle boxes like corn chip boxes and egg boxes with handles.  Look for boxes already inked with fragile and recycle them into your plan.  Boxes that are unmarked are likely to end up in your urban garden or permaculture patch as we squash the grass and prepare for the season…


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Falling for a green transition

A great big temper tantrum for my transition to fall! In with a cold, head congestion and many toss and turn nights the thought of turning my home for the season was the last thing from my mind. But fall marches for no woman like the brisk wind from the North. So in honor of the days ahead the season of light here are my favorite green transition in this season of orange and…


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Day of the Lughna: Glamping

This is how it really turned out on Sunday, August 12, 2012


The Day of the Lughna is a celebration of the beginning of the harvest.  An ending to the time of lack and the beginning of abundance.  Today, we celebrate in the perfect weather in our great State of Indiana.


A mussie tussie was the first gift to my gal pals as I greeted each one of them with an organic nose gay upon their forearm.  The bouquet garne was filled with a scented geranium, hyssop and…


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Kitchen Garden Musings


This is just between you and me, but I love to "drive" thru my kitchen garden and plucking the celery for a quick snack under the shade of the leaves of the oak tree.  It thrills me when the brown beans have sprouted and the gherkins are growing vertically up to the sky. 


If people were only so easy to read as a ripe tomato or a firm pear on the tree, I would know when to pick this vendor or that advertiser.  My truth while building this farm means creating…


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Why I grow food

Shh!   Keep this to yourself, but I feel better in the kitchen garden.  My little plot of earth inspires me to get up each day to cultivate, tend and nuture.  When I am considering an opportunity it is always measured against the progress of the permaculture patch. Each day I am rewarded by growing something that we consume.   


This year I am pledging to grow more celery leaf so that each crockpot meal has the taste of fresh.



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A Green Summer Home

The tender green seedlings have found their way into the raised beds to embrace the summer.  Growing into a drive by food resource as each day passes.  The Kitchen garden is supplying the necessary fresh herbs to support my home and community. 

Merchandizing your manor and stage your home for what is to come. SUMMER!  Think of your home as if you are preparing for a parade, swim at the lake, quick day trip to a municipal or state park. There are lots of adventures that are low…


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Goodbye 2010

Today is a day for articulating deliberateness, full of gusto and intention. I love new calendars, new lists, hope, promise and anticipation.

What used to be: I love Christmas music, movie soundtracks, new releases, and most of all “Soul Cake” by Sting.

What has been: no fm radio, no mp3 technology, no iPod touch, a quiet life with music finds from the dollar bin or thrift store and an occasional purchase through amazon.com.

What has become: a musical-kindred-spiritedness that… Continue

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A tomato cage Christmas

While staging the garage for the next growing season, I spied the tomato cage in a new way. The cone lended itself for a holiday repurpose. Gathering bits of garland and silk poinsettas, this charlie brown Christmas tree has given me a little joy in the corner of the porch. A simple plastic pot and some floral foam anchor the new "tree" and a leftover brick protects it from being blown away. Lighting the way to celebrate the season from a gardening point of view. We can all do…


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Green Gift: #EcoMonday

Change your thinking and lead the thought revolution. Let’s vote with our dollars and show that we buy locally and…


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A green day of gratitude

The beautiful gifts of gratitude begin in nature

so today, I invite you to be steward of the earth

in your own body,

in your own consciousness,

in your own loving heart

A caregiver of nature.

the thanksgiving treasures of your life:

the opportunities that you have been given,

the ones that have effortlessly opened up for you this year.

Reflect upon the ground you…


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Swimming through the Holidays

As we buckle up for the economic turbulence ahead, let’s remember Steinbeck’s message: we can remain who we are, as long as we’re willing to be surprised by who that is.

Every day we can…


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Black Friday: Go big or don't bother

Black Friday was actually the second day of hearings by the House subcommittee, which had been going around the country holding public investigations into Communist infiltration of…


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A Green Christmas (Updated)

Six main contributors of holiday waste: Change your thinking and lead the thought revolution to a greener Indiana!

Food; From leftovers to forgotten freezer burned food, let’s plan to stretch our dollar and make food go farther. Easy solutions are food digesters(i.e. cones and tumblers), or donating your extra to the local chicken farmer. Feed the birds before the bread molds. Use the coffee grinds as a beauty regime. Take the peels of citrus for your infusions. How do you minimize… Continue

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Let's talk Turkey

Thank you for creating a greener Indiana I am grateful, glad and full of love in my heart for your efforts. As a token of appreciation, here is a documentation of thawing, brining, roasting and resting a turkey so you can plan ahead and use these 4 simple steps to a succulent entree to celebrate the harvest. Happy Thanksgiving!

Step 1: Defrost or Thaw (24 hours)

Wash the bird in cold water and place in cooler for defrosting. It'll need about five hours per pound, so a 15-pound… Continue

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Green Table Scaping

Prepare yourself for guests galore to celebrate the season. Create a festive table to set the stage for your gatherings. Change your thinking and lead the thought revolution by picking a theme based upon what you already own. Then try these new green techniques for a fresh approach to the holidays.

Edible Centerpieces

Create a simple centerpiece with a bowl of apples Loaves of home baked bread and wheat stalks make a beautiful edible centerpiece. For a clever and edible… Continue

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A Green Happy Birthday Retreat

“Leaf” the city and get back to nature this fall with a retreat to the woods. Creating special birthday celebrations can be a simple as renting a cabin in Nashville, Indiana. This one tank getaway was a reminder that the turkey’s do run free and white tailed deer roam our great state of Indiana.A quick trip on interstate 65 and the windy roads of 135 took us to the Story Inn for Indiana Pork Chops and Bison Stew. The rest of our weekend meals were prepared in our kitchen at the cabin. Birthday… Continue

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Feed from Indiana Living Green Magazine

Reader tips: hangers, mesh bags and water conservation

Sometimes you, readers, have some pretty great tips to share. Here are a few that I thought might interest the masses.

In response to Closet Recycler, a question about recycling wire hangers:

Dear Renee,

Folks might want to remember food/clothing pantries which are always looking for hangers to hang [...]



In September 2014, two paper companies and a concerned citizen filed a lawsuit in Marion Superior Court, asking the judge to stop the City of Indianapolis’ “recycling” contract with Covanta. We expect to hear from the judge within in the next week or [...]

Can do


For many years as a family we have gone to Michigan to camp.  During many of the visits we noticed that many Michigan grocery stores have recycling machines that accept cans/bottles.  When a can is deposited it is crushed and a receipt is printed for cash reimbursement.  The store [...]

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