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2014 Eby's Pines Sustainability efforts

2014 Eby’s Green Report

Eby’s Pines Campground and RV Resort, www.EbysPines.com  has been in operation for over 46 years.  We are nestled amongst the pines between Bonneyville Mills County Park, and the Little Elkhart River; located in the heart of Northern Indiana Amish Country.  We have over 300 sites including several electric- water and full hook up connections, cabin rentals, and primitive camp sites.  We have ample space for…


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Electric Hybrid Bikes

I happened to be in Austin Texas and had the opportunity to rent an electric hybrid bike for 15 days.  I used it for everything and put nearly 300 miles on the bike.  My conclusion was that it is an amazing thing with big implications for Indiana. 


From Urbndsgn.com they state that hoosiers take…


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I got to test drive an Electric Vehicle

I was lucky enough to be able to test drive an Electric Vehicle.  I was near Downtown Indianapolis at www.TheGoGreenPros.com.  They do Electric car conversions as well as veggie oil, hydrogen generators, as well as general car repairs.

The car had 200,000 electric miles on the same motor and it uses 20 golf cart batteries for power.  This one is a fiero but there are many cars that convert well.  This would be great for a commuter the range…


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Jasper Indiana Garden Party 8-18-2012

I went to a great garden party in Jasper to celebrate the www.sustainableindiana2016.org day of garden parties.  We were hosted by Living Roots Ecovillage.

What I learned that day far exceeded my expectations and really made me realize that farming in Indiana is changing as we speak.  I also saw first hand what happens when a group of smart and motivated…


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Bloomington Garden Party 8-18-2012

I went to a garden party and met new friends

(a better post exists on this by Ann Kreilkamp, the person that hosted the party.  check it out here)

In Bloomington, The Center for Sustainability participated in…


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Food Day in Indianapolis October 24, 2011

On October 24, 2011 we went to the Indy Food Day event and had a great time.  There was a lot of good locally grown food to enjoy and lots of nice people to talk to.  There were 5 great speakers and plenty of time for discussions.  It made for an enjoyable evening.

We brought White Bean Pot Roast (vegan) from www.U-Relish.com.…


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Gulf Coast Oil Spill

I have been working from New Orleans for the past month and one of the things I have been very interested in was, "how do the locals feel about the effects of the gulf coast oil spill".


Once the well was capped that was the last we really heard of it in the national news.  Days after the spill was capped it was announced by the federal govt that the oil was gone.  They said that about 1/3 evaporated 1/3 was eaten and 1/3 had dispersed into the water.....but still I wondered…


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Winter Farmers market at City Market in Downtown Indianapolis

In the winter there is a winters farmers market every Wed. inside the City Market in downtown Indianapolis. It is located among the existing vendors. It is from 10-1 on Wed. only.

It really adds a lot to city market. I liked U-Relish's offerings. They had hummous and carrot salad PLUS homeade comfort food that was all locally grown. They also had dehydrated take home and cook packages. We got the curry and it was…


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$110,000 to non profits for tree inventory and tree plantings.

DNR grants available for urban trees

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry's 2009 grant program Make Your Trees Count makes available approximately $110,000 in grant funds for municipalities and non-profits to use for public tree inventories and tree-planting projects.

Applicants may request funds ranging from $2,500 to $15,000. Projects must show an equal match, which can be a mix of cash and in-kind services. All… Continue

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50 people who could save the earth

I came accross this interesting article where I learned about people making a difference. check it out for yourself!

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Rocky Mountain Institute

I am sure that many of you are familiar with the Rocky Mountain Institute founded by Hunter Lovins and Amory B. Lovins.

They tackle the tough questions and they prove to those that will listen that IT SAVES MONEY TO CONSERVE. I like these guys because they are clearly correct and they work to make things happen by eliminating obstacles.

The issues they tackle are the big ones. If you have some time then study their very good website. I personally believe that they think… Continue

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conservation - the cheapest, easiest, and quickest way to become greener!

I don't seem to hear all of the stories on conservation that I would think that you would. Conserving is something that can be done right away and by everybody.

I know we have all heard about the ghost loads of televisions, xboxes, etc. It is just a shame that all that energy goes to waste.

A 10 year old boy saved monroe county indiana 25k per year. He told them to turn off their computers at night. LOL

It seems like there is more attention to the production end… Continue

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important website www.350.org

We have all heard about global warming and carbon emissions. Terms like carbon footprint are now part of our vocabulary. But how much carbon can we handle in the atmosphere? Where is the line drawn and what can we do to stay below that line?

That is the sole point of the website www.350.org

I can't help but thinking of how we learned of CFC's damaging the ozone and then we did something about it before it was too late.....imagine if we drug… Continue

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