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Summer UrBIN travel kit

Hitting the road for summer excursions like picnics, barbeques and festivals, prepare yourself with a pre-packed cooler

  These are my must haves:

All Weather Blanket


Trauma Kit (First Aid)

Minor first air kit with Hand sanitizer

Hibiscus Tea Bags (Rehydration)

Ear Plugs (2 pair)

Face Masks  

Wet Wipes

Cold Compress

Mister with Fan filled with water (In a Ziploc Bag)

Hand pump…


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UrBIN Travel Kit

Before we leave Winter behind with its' hat and mittens lets reflect upon our preparedness during travel with our precious cargo in tow.  These are my must haves for my Urban bin:

30 hour candle

Duct Tape

Ear Plugs

Thermacare body wrap

Toasty Toes foot Insole

Trash Bag

Hot Hands Hand warmer

Hot Cans Cocoa a self heating beverage

Utility Flame:  Gel based fire starter



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A Lady of Charity in Mourning

The American Civil War claimed the lives of over 622,000 men between 1861-1865.  210,000 were Hoosiers or called Indiana Home.  With the heavy toll of war a Lady of Charity from 1865 would be in mourning over her family, friends and on April 15, 1865 we would…


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Summer of Survival

The free webinar "Summer of Survival" has inspired me to think about Summer emergency preparations.  Time and distance from any event will enable you to complete tasks to do in advance of impending chaos.  Planning prevents panic, so here is a list to help your hearth and home

Plug in  any Electric Generators

Charge Phones

Complete the Laundry

Bake the Eggs

Hydrate the House with Citrus Peel Water…


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Herbaceous plants like Asparagus are nutrient dense and are an important part of permaculture. Crowns of the garden, These green spears are a hardy plant can be grown in Indiana with only one year of toiling in the soil and will rewarding for the long term. Taking 3 years for a significant harvest with a life span of two decades. Divided in the spring these plants are self seeders and need to be planted on a mound of earth fanning the fingers gently to maximize growth they should be planted 12… Continue

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The Laundress, Cook and Nurse


In honor of the 150 Anniversary of the Civil war we gather our permaculture posies, bind are breasts for uniform, prepare the wash tub, and gather the gear of gauze, cotton and whiskey to help at the field hospital.

With quill and parchment in hand, Women often joined the civil war as a way to earn money.  The first paid positions for women were the cook and the nurse but others found a  pension as soliders or spies more rewarding financially.  The hoop skirt was the perfect…


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The Economy of Summer


Linens on the line and the heavy of winter removed from our laundry cycle. Ahh summer has arrived and we welcome the next season into our lives.  Tupperware Tumblers rather then solo cups are some of the green chances that we can foster everyday.  Planting exotic mints in the permaculture patch and cooking slowly in an energy efficient crockpot.


What changes are you making?


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With this blast of bitter air we are reminded that Spring is officially here and we have been germinating for weeks in our kitchen window gardens, sheds and cold frames.  In honor of Heather Tallmans bold decision to have a second act to this play called life, I salute those busy women who still find time to put coconut honey rice pudding in their crockpots and sing, write, and paint their well being into a meaningful life purpose.


Keepers of the hearth plan a garden…


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A Green Move

The cardboard boxes are an expense … upcycle your move with an acquisition strategy that reuses the excess of the food industry.  Boxes are plentiful when you are a wholesaler buying by the case.  I suggest choosing rectangle boxes like corn chip boxes and egg boxes with handles.  Look for boxes already inked with fragile and recycle them into your plan.  Boxes that are unmarked are likely to end up in your urban garden or permaculture patch as we squash the grass and prepare for the season…


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Got Lemons?


Closed windows, gas or electric heat, these are the times of poor air quality.  Using lemon peels with natural sea salt to take absorb the toxins in my winter home.  Trying to add more houseplants and live Rosemary to the mix to "breathe" the extra carbon emissions.  What do you do to clean the air quality of your home?

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Falling for a green transition

A great big temper tantrum for my transition to fall! In with a cold, head congestion and many toss and turn nights the thought of turning my home for the season was the last thing from my mind. But fall marches for no woman like the brisk wind from the North. So in honor of the days ahead the season of light here are my favorite green transition in this season of orange and…


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Game on Grocery Store


After a year of belonging to the Indy Food Swap, I have come to understand the power of the fete.  Woman joined together to accomplish a goal and in this case a grocery basket goods to fill my weekend with joy.


I feel abundant when we gather, to share, participate and potluck into an afternoon of frivolity with a mission.  To fill the larder during the harvest.


My heart was inspired by the garden vegetable salsa and I am seeking the recipe for the Cup…


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Day of the Lughna: Glamping

This is how it really turned out on Sunday, August 12, 2012


The Day of the Lughna is a celebration of the beginning of the harvest.  An ending to the time of lack and the beginning of abundance.  Today, we celebrate in the perfect weather in our great State of Indiana.


A mussie tussie was the first gift to my gal pals as I greeted each one of them with an organic nose gay upon their forearm.  The bouquet garne was filled with a scented geranium, hyssop and…


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No Fooling around it is Memorial Day

Inspired by the ladies of the civil war, no fooling it is too hot to bake, good thing for ice box pies.  Here is my salute to all those fallen in service to our country.



Rhubarb Lime Pie –from Cara Dafforn

Serves 8


1/2 cup butter ( melted)

1/4 cup sugar

3/4 cups finely crushed pretzels

¾ cups Graham Crumbs


2 limes, at room temperature

1/4 cup lime juice

1 can (14 ounces) sweetened…


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Seeking serenity on a budget has always meant a 45 minute to 1 hour and 15 trip to a state park or the Hoosier National Forest.  It seems those in Beverly Hills are just learning how glamourous camping can really be...for your wallet.

Glamping is not all smores with champagne "champs".  Here is my list to make camping glamourous

1.  Arranging Floral and Fauna at the camping site.  Centerpieces add an elegant touch to an all ready natural scene.

2.  Sandbar…


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It is all about the people that I have met along the way, the locals with good wishes and the sheriff's coaching me on the techniques of protecting myself.  These have been super days and only the best is yet to come.

This 200 square feet is so much more.  It is an opportunity to invent green and showcase that small is possible.

Let's grow something real and begin to germinate a change of thought to begin a new structure, dynamic and construct of living.  Keepers of the hearth…


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Kitchen Garden Musings


This is just between you and me, but I love to "drive" thru my kitchen garden and plucking the celery for a quick snack under the shade of the leaves of the oak tree.  It thrills me when the brown beans have sprouted and the gherkins are growing vertically up to the sky. 


If people were only so easy to read as a ripe tomato or a firm pear on the tree, I would know when to pick this vendor or that advertiser.  My truth while building this farm means creating…


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Why I grow food

Shh!   Keep this to yourself, but I feel better in the kitchen garden.  My little plot of earth inspires me to get up each day to cultivate, tend and nuture.  When I am considering an opportunity it is always measured against the progress of the permaculture patch. Each day I am rewarded by growing something that we consume.   


This year I am pledging to grow more celery leaf so that each crockpot meal has the taste of fresh.



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A Green Summer Home

The tender green seedlings have found their way into the raised beds to embrace the summer.  Growing into a drive by food resource as each day passes.  The Kitchen garden is supplying the necessary fresh herbs to support my home and community. 

Merchandizing your manor and stage your home for what is to come. SUMMER!  Think of your home as if you are preparing for a parade, swim at the lake, quick day trip to a municipal or state park. There are lots of adventures that are low…


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The Art of Germination


It is time for that hiberbating seed to spring forth with life and transition from that wrinkle speck into a gardener's delight.  I don't pretend to know why some seeds germinate and other do not.  As a tiny urban farmer, I just plan and prepare with as many varieites of the same plant and then I believe that some will take root in my metropolitian farm.  All with the hope that I can return to the Winter Market and provide a slow cooked meal prepared at home in a…


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