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Affluenza Cure: Day by Day

Luxury is the overused adjective of the decade. Condos, hotels, and restaurants all claim decadence or imply superior service that only insiders receive. When curing affluenza we must separate indulgence from necessity. Begin by defining an experience from an object. Change your thinking, lead a thought revolution.

The great news… Green luxury can be found the moment you walk out your front door. Connecting with the sights and sounds of a city park, planning a short day trip to swim… Continue

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A Green Dedication

When significant moments happen in life, like a baby's dedication (a dry baptism), often gifts are appropriate. Merchandizing for this moment include, silver pacifiers, bibs with crosses, baby's first bible etc. Change your thinking and lead a thought revolution. Write a poem or letter for the parents and the child to treasure. Here is mine to inspire you. Certainly it is original, moving and thoughtful without packaging, wrapping paper and it is a reflection of the significant… Continue

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Affluenza Cure: Step 4 Your Passion

A new definition of passion: a purposeful activity that uses a person’s talents and skills to make a contribution to the world in a manner that is in harmony with owns values and is in balance with the rest of the person’s life. Ask yourself if you would continue to perform the same work if you won the lottery. The cure to affluenza is to engage in service that you would continue if you had an unexpected windfall. Change your thinking. Lead a thought revolution.

Together we could… Continue

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Affluenza Cure: Step 3 Your Time

Where did all the time go?

Take a time inventory to track how much time you spend on varies activities. Awareness is likely to lead you to make positive changes for a greener Indiana. The cure to affluenza is restraint. Acknowledge that time is your greatest asset and that your activities reflect your quality of life. Voluntary simplicity means spending quality and quantity of time in joyful relationships with family and friends, talking, laughing and sharing food, nature and physical… Continue

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Affluenza Cure: Step Two, Your Home

Home is where your heart lives. One of the most significant green decisions we make in our lives is where and how we live. Our choices have far reaching impacts. It is our choice and responsibility to create a home, however humble or small that serves as a comforting retreat, an environment that allows us to center ourselves before venturing out into the world.

How do you use your home?

Calculate the amount of square footage per person in your home.

How do you feel about your… Continue

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Affluenza Cure: Step One, Your Things

Inspired by Linda Breen Pierce who wrote Simplicity Lessons: a 12 step guide to Living Simply, you can join me on

limiting your material possessions to cure Affluenza. Change your thinking and lead a thought revolution.

Do you own your stuff or does it own you?

Discover what you cherish...

Define what burdens you...

Isolate and item that you bought but never use...

Describe an experience with a possession that required more time and energy than you… Continue

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Parsley, Peppers & Lasagna Gardening

As if the woodash from the fireplace was the parmesan cheese, I sprinkled the eighth layer onto the raised bed. My citywife muscles scream from moving earth, peat moss and manure for the new gardens, it is a welcome relief to write and think. Bucket by bucket the beds were built from last falls oak leaves, old decomposing straw, cardboard, and newspaper. With little time to “cook” or compost into topsoil the new garden is fluffy and light. The Almanac says parsley and peppers for planting this… Continue

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