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Flowers to Fall For

The bees love my flowers! Here's my latest blog post from Hoosier Wordsmith:


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Hoosier Wordsmith: Recycling at Indiana's Largest 4-Day Festival!

I'm blogging about our efforts to make Marshall County a sustainable place to live, starting with the Blueberry Festival ... the only Festival with this many antioxidants, so it's good for you!


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Take a Green Vacation!

It’s Spring Vacation time, which gets me in the mood to plan a trip. Home or abroad, I’m still the same person who can’t bring herself to toss a pop can. Why should I leave my green ways

behind me just because I’m traveling?

Green vacationing means choosing activities that have less impact on the planet: staying closer to home, driving instead of flying, or choosing lodgings…


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Three Questions to Ask Before You Dig Your Spring Garden

Are you itching to dig? Now is the perfect time to plan a garden, and planning is always a good idea,

especially if you are new to gardening. Before you dig, mull over these three questions.

What Do You Want?…


Added by Marianne Peters on February 22, 2010 at 12:00pm — 2 Comments

Climate Clues: Reliable Sources for Facts About Climate Change

The recent shenanigans dubbed “Climategate” made me even more aware of the need for clear climate information. Here in Indiana, a state that depends on fossil fuel – especially coal – we can’t rely on hearsay and political pontificating to make good decisions about our future. So where do we look for information that’s objective, scientific, and up-to-date?

Snuggle Up With a Scientist

Thanks to the Internet, scientific data on climate change (usually found in on-line… Continue

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My Revival Garden

Yesterday I snapped off my TV: more bad news about the economy. Ditching the dirge, I turned my attention to something positive—planting my spring garden.

Remember the Victory Gardens of World War II? The term nowadays is “Recession Garden,” as more people are gardening to supplement their food sources. Our circumstances are remarkably similar to the 1940’s: we’re at war, we’re self-rationing because of job loss and rising costs, and we’re trying to stay hopeful despite bad news… Continue

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Kilowatt Conundrum

Wake up and smell the burning coal, Peters, I thought, after eyeing my whopping electric bill.

So far my family’s efforts to cut our energy usage resemble chopping down a mighty redwood with a herring. Not that we haven’t been trying.

I programmed my thermostat, keeping daytime temperatures at a balmy 68 degrees. My thin-skinned youngest daughter won’t shed her coat after school. I suggested that she do more housework. Hmmmm—no response.

We turn off lights… Continue

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Homemade Housekeeping

A friend once told me, “I want to live a simple life, but it’s so complicated!”

Learning new habits takes time, because it’s not just doing something a new way, it’s thinking differently as well. A mundane task—like cleaning house—suddenly requires more brainpower.

Speaking of new habits, recently I switched to milder, less-toxic household cleaning products to reduce my family’s exposure to scary chemicals. Marketing messages for today’s commercial products shout that the… Continue

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E-Waste: Don't Trash It!

My husband and I score high on compatibility quizzes. Our ideal vacation is a beach, a book, and peering up from the page only long enough to discuss our next meal. We relish silly British sitcoms and ballroom dancing.

We disagree on one thing, though: I’m a Tosser and he’s a Keeper. I would recycle anything not nailed down—even important household documents. (I admit I’m a little hasty at times!) He keeps the envelopes of bills long paid and old ticket stubs. What can I say?… Continue

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Green Books and Movies for a Snowy Season

Take a break from the latest Disney video (how many times have you seen “Kung Fu Panda”?) to catch up on some green books and movies. You’ll be informed, entertained, and even inspired to change your life.

Here are some books I’ve been reading lately:

• Two by Michael Pollan: The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food. The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals offers an unflinching review of “food systems” in our world, from the industrial corn-based system that… Continue

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