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Everybody can do something to make a greener Indiana

... According to my 8 year old son.
This shocked me when he said this to a stranger the other day. First of all I didn't think he really understood what it meant to be "green" and I didn't realize he knew there was anything different than the way our home operates day-to-day.

But it was a beautiful realization.
I forget about all of the things we do "differently" than much of America because of our focus on low consumption, low waste. Not to mention the hundreds of other small things we do to make your footprint smaller. And you don't have to suffer to do it.

So the kids are getting it.
They don't think about it or suffer for it either. They fully embrace it and even remind strangers about it. We don't demand that they do things a certain way but because we naturally model appropriate environmental responsibility, it surrounds them.

It is SO cool to see my children pretending to have a recycling center. They do this frequently. They build it with their toys and drive trucks full of legos or whatever and bring it to their center. They sort it, crush it, melt it -- whatever to create "new" products at the end of the line.

And that's just one of the many things they do that is so cool. Maybe they'll be greener than frogs one day too.

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Comment by Julie L. Rhodes on February 28, 2008 at 8:40pm
cool and sweet! :)

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