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A friend of mine told me that a town she used to live in had a free Recycling program but they charged for trash. I also know that Denver has a great recycling program. The residents there don't have to sort and just put all recyclable material in a bin the size of City of Fort Wayne's average trash can! Now, I certainly get infuriated when people don't recycle. Many of my neighbors never put their bins out but instead have overflowing trash bins every Tuesday. What type of shit is that? In my opinion, it's just laziness. I know well-off people who use a maid service and don't recycle. I know dirt poor people who could probably make a little change on the side by doing so and yet, they don't recycle. Hell, even my own workplace produces many a pound in glass trash every night, and alas, it all goes in the dumpster. Would a free service make people less lazy? Maybe we should just make trash disposal a little more expensive? *sigh*

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Comment by Jeremy L.York on November 4, 2008 at 7:40pm
Wayne Countys dump has areas you can recycle everything...I figured all dumps were that way! Keeping glass,plastic,and cans in one area,and then paper,cardbord,metal,all have there areas...I make a trip there when stuff starts pileing up too high in the garage..Seems like I have alot,but when you get to the dump and unload into the huge containers..its like..guess I didnt have that much afterall!..lol
Comment by Laura K. on October 4, 2008 at 9:57pm
I see the claw-arms on the sides of the truck. They pick up the bins, why couldn't they have a digital scale? If you tare out the bin weight then you can charge per pound of garbage and make recycling free. Now my biggest concern here would be people putting more crap down the drain...
Comment by waldopaper on October 4, 2008 at 1:30pm
In Germany, people are provided with multi-colored recycling bins for different types of recyclable material... cans, glass, paper, etc. They pick it up for free. Everything else (unrecyclable trash) is weighed before it goes on the truck... and you get a bill for it. Most German families have weekly trash bags about the size of a half-full shopping bag! It works!

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