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Re-localization and De-militarization

Stage I: “9-11” was an inside job. Most people jump off the clue train right there. Now comes stage II of the krackpot konspiracy theory... the levers (ie, "write yer kongressperp, "voting," etc.) are no longer connected to anything. "Government" is a staged illusion. The "system" is not 'broken," it's GONE. We’re getting playfood for lunch. Sure, there are still kops (LOTS of 'em) and mail and firepersons... but whatever-it-is that "pays" them has been unplugged from our Maggie-Simpson's-Steering-Wheel "voting" machines. It's all a grand illusion to distract us and make us believe "we" have some kind of "control," and the biggest "believers" are the actors in the farce... the congressperps and city-councildupes who think the play is "real" because THEY'RE IN IT.

So then what? So then... I don't know- but it AINT this. THAT'S the problem... we can't imagine anything else... so we keep doing "this." There ARE alternatives... if one can imagine them. Example... suppose your local food co-op started issuing co-op scrip... redeemable for beans and rice. They could start a labor pool... like a Temp agency... and job out other specialized skills, pay them with c-scrip (everybody is a "member," ie- a "shareholder") and micro-economies start that way. When members vote... they can see each other... put real ballots in real boxes and count them. Everything is on a manageable and understandable scale. That's Re-localization.

Neighborhoods can designate themselves and opt out of police "protection." Instead, there are neighborhood constables (people allowed to carry weapons outside their homes) who live in the neighborhood... keep watch ON FOOT 24/7... and any "police" entering the neighborhood better have a damn good reason for being there... and they can explain it while in the crosshairs of constable snipers. De-militarization... beginning on the micro level. Volunteer firepersons are people in the neighborhood. Break cities into neighborhoods... counties into townships... states into counties... etc. Nothing happens without real ballots in real boxes. Of course this would involve admitting the present city-county is really run by real estate "developers" and that state and federal is really run by Fortune 500 corporations... which should be OBVIOUS by now, but judging from the flapdoodle over the fake "elections," apparently it is not.

The rush to oh-oh-quick pass this "bill" or the sky will fall is the same krappola that got us USA PATRIOT and all... without any of the obvious questions being asked. Each year I see people who are ASTOUNDED to learn that concentration camps are being built... that the legal machinery is in place to round them up without due process and torture them until they "confess." The astounded folks are the minority... about 15%. About 60% don't give a wipe (because nothing is happening to THEM right NOW)... about 20% have NO IDEA what I'm talking about... and the remaining 5% is divided between the know-it-already and/or think fascism is just peachy-keen because these are "dangerous times."

De-centralization and De-militarization is going to happen anyway. When the airplane runs out of fuel, it's going to come down... the difference is between a belly-slide into a bean field or an abrupt stop against the side of a mountain. We still have time to pick the landing site, but our choices are becoming more limited. The first step is admitting it's out of fuel and it's coming down (aviation metaphor ends here). The future is going to be green... we can do it the easier way or the hard way, and de-militarization is by far the most dangerous barrier to a green future. There are absolutely way to many people and resources involved in the business of brute force... and not for reasons most people think. The kops are not there to "protect" you (although there are still a few fine folks on the force who still believe that)... the kops are there to arrest you and feed you into the prison-industrial complex (otherwise known as "the system").

To the usual dolts who roll their pious orbs and repeat, "...but if you're not doing anything WRONG," submit this modest proposal: the Death Penalty for everything... jaywalking, littering, murder... any "violation" of the "law." Our valiant brave heroes in blue (or green or camo) can execute the sentence on-the-spot, thus eliminating those pesky ACLU-type "lawyers" and soft-on-criminals "courts." Think of it... in a short period of time, a society completely free of "law-breakers" (aka "evil-doers")... and think of all the "jobs created" in the body-removal business (homeland sanitation). Not so far-fetched for a land-of-the-free with the largest prison population on earth... or the home-of-the-brave with millions of triple-chinned fundamentalists quivering in their suburban drywall boxes in fear of imaginary "criminals" and "terrorists."

The totally-insane paper-based-paper "financial system" is just another symptom of two competing "intellectual systems" mental abstractions and physical reality... once complementary... now increasingly at war with each other, just as human beings will be if our drift into fantasy continues and we keep funneling precious resources into the brute-force business... because that is what the mercenary-military-prison "system" has become. We can no longer rely on actors who think the play is real. Otherwise, we will suspend disbelief to the point of starvation.

Our make-believe has become a destroyer of worlds.

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Comment by Madfoot on October 27, 2008 at 3:07pm

Makes me feel better about being a "home grown terrorist".
Comment by Jeremy on October 10, 2008 at 1:10am
You speak the truth. and the only way it will change is when "We The People" decide to get off our asses and get violent back at them. Hippy's had a good idea but where they messed up they through the violence out the window on there way to their protests and in turn made things worse for us because none of them had the balls to do what needed to be done. I have already been called the big bad "T" word by a few people because of my view of this situation we have been in since 9-11 and that doesn't bother me because everyone is finally waking up and seeing for themselves what I realized long ago.
Comment by Laura K. on October 4, 2008 at 10:31pm
Good shit waldopaper. Bleak, yet fascinating.

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