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This blog is dedicated to those who are the curators of Christmas. To all who choose to be alert to the creative opportunities all around us. For the moms and dads who are wondering how to make the ends meet, there is hope in finding a green scavenger's Christmas for kids.

Each Christmas morning, I was greeted by my favorite teddy bear in Christmas attire (Think red bandana) with a note in her hand that began the Christmas Scavenger hunt or in our house the trip to another country. The bear would have a flag tucked in the bandana with a promised adventure that laid ahead.

Here are my 10 inexpensive gifts for kids

1. Jumping on bed

2. Make an edible bird house or peanut butter pinecone

3. Adopt a pet fish

4. Origami Dollar Bill Game

5. Rubber Bouncing balls in the bathroom

6. Excavate a gift card or coin from a bucket of sand

7. Make candy Jewelry

8. Stack Marshmallow snowmen

9. Find “baby” jesus in the cake

10. Juggling sets (Scarfs, balls, tissue paper etc)

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