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Inspired by Linda Breen Pierce who wrote Simplicity Lessons: a 12 step guide to Living Simply, you can join me on
limiting your material possessions to cure Affluenza. Change your thinking and lead a thought revolution.

Do you own your stuff or does it own you?
Discover what you cherish...
Define what burdens you...
Isolate and item that you bought but never use...
Describe an experience with a possession that required more time and energy than you expected?
If you had 10 minutes to evacuate you home due to an a disaster what would you take and what would you miss?
What consumption pattern will you change in the next 48 hour?
What habit will you change in the next 21 days.

Looking at the bigger picture for my household, required me to control the triggers for consumption or what I call the "dream books" or catalogs of the retail world. Methodically, I ignore, purged and requested that the catalogs not cross the threshold of my home. Next, I needed to decline invitations to make-up, candle, and jewlery parties etc. that maximize peer pressure for the sale. I also realized that it was the art fairs, the one of a kind local artisian boutiques that really tugged on my heart strings and ultimately on my wallet needed to be removed from my social calendar. Then it took a visit from my mother to learn of my true complusion which is kitchen tools. Waking up from affluenza is a process and ultimately I share my experience so that you can feel the liberation and lightness that will carry over to other areas of your life.

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Comment by Mrs. Cara Dafforn on May 14, 2009 at 8:16am
Eric: still pondering the fact that you had all of your possession in a ford escort. Remarkable!
Comment by Eric Stallsmith on April 21, 2009 at 1:39pm
Well put! This is something that I try to do too.

In college I was especially proud that I could fit all my worldly possessions into one ford escort. If I had anything that wouldnt fit I gave it away. For me this was very liberating and I was proud of my compactness.

Every piece of stuff requires money to keep. How much does your garage hold? How much does it cost to heat your house? Often people need a larger house just to keep all of their stuff. Lots of people have storage units to store extra stuff.....so there is a carrying cost associated with every piece of stuff you store.

It is well known that America has an economy that is largely fueled by domestic consumption. This consumption is driven by our cumulative need to buy more stuff and need more stuff. Is it possible that we are wrong and we should take pride in frugality instead of being so proud of our stuff? For instance being happy with the 20 year old fishing boat instead of a new bass boat....and being proud that you are happy with a 1,000 dollar boat instead of being proud of a 35,000 dollar bass boat?

I like the way you have put this in your post and I think you have given everybody something to think about.

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