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Keeping place with a green touch makes a greener Indiana. Here are 7 ideals that I live the everyday in an extraordinary way.

1. Before you buy where does it belong in your home. If there is no place then why buy?

2. Set yourself free from sentiment. Living with and objects are a reflection of who you are not who gave them to you.

3. Donate Duplication. Even my house does not need 7 hand trowels. It feels good to give.

4. Eliminate extra motion and maximize your kinetic efficiency. Group and store items where you use them.

5. Remove repairs from your life, are you really going to repair that lamp, chair, tool etc.

6. Trimming at the tailor. Just don’t buy the clothing item if it doesn’t fit. If you are petite or tall, thin or wide, buy the right clothing size for you in that moment.

7. Create balance with your acquisitions and purging. For each new shiny object one should be return for another to enjoy.

My spirit honors your. What ideals do you cherish when keeping your home?

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Comment by TMC on June 5, 2010 at 9:17pm
Excellent ideals. I think number four speaks to me particularly. I'm looking around the house this weekend to see how I can improve the flow.

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