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Birds, My Urban Wild Habitat, and 'Electrosmog'

Really, really missing our birds. I have been tracking wildlife, birds in our urban wildlife habitat for ten years now. This year, no Juncos, Titmouse left several moons ago, and never returned, same with Chickadees, Red Breast woodpeckers.  Hardly any Cardinals either.

I realize weather changes, continued drought mainly, could be to blame, as well as the decimation of thousands of trees by invasive, alien insects, man, but there could be another issue here, electrosmog.

' Under the term 'radio communication' we combine all wireless communication technology  increasingly flooding our residential zones, and the environment with electromagnetic fields.'

There are reports out obviously showing that many of the damaging effects of such fields have already been proven, and are warning of the possibility of looming environmental disasters following the increasing density of electromagnetic fields.

The public is little aware of these risks because they are hardly addressed in the 'enlightenment' provided by industry, and are always given reassurances that they are always well protected by the limits, and the compliance assuring measurements, that UMTS radiation is as harmless as GSM radiation.

I am electro sensitive, feel drained, hear buzzing, ringing, my hearing aid goes bonkers, anywhere in a dense radio  frequency radiated  situation, such as a conference hall, office buildings, libraries, anywhere near wifi density.....ugh.

If it affects humans this way, what about wildlife?

And, by the way, my power went off briefly at home....heard banging on the wall, jumped up to look outside, lo, and behold, some utility guy was installing new electric meter. So I asked this contractor if he was installing a 'smart meter' he just looked down evasively, shook his head, said no, would not look at me. I looked at the meter, it is a Centron Icon with an FCC code number which tells me right there, of course it is a type of smart meter emitting radio frequency, conjoining, fielding, with all  the other radio freqencies bouncing off my neighbors brand new smart meters. Time to get some shielding!









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Comment by Ellen on December 19, 2012 at 12:45pm

Powerful economic interests have lied to us long enough. Americans need and
deserve the facts. We need dialogue.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the single agency with authority to regulate the communications industry, has neither money, manpower nor motive to properly monitor radiation output from hundreds of thousands of commercial wireless installations spewing carcinogenic Rf/microwave radiation across the nation.

Wireless Rf/microwave radiation is a form of electronic trespass, equal to any other type of trespass/pollution of the air, water, soil that belongs to all of us. America must decide whose rights are more important—idlers beaming death rays for gibberish, or the elderly(like me, lol) with pacemakers, digital hearing aids,  and others who are made ill by cell phone and tower radiation wherever they go. Must we all prematurely perish so that wireless enthusiasts can capture cell phone photos, and instantly send them faster, and,faster, for processing via carcinogen express? Does a human being have the right to NOT be forcibly WiMAXED into a coffin, or do only wireless providers and their devotees have rights?


Comment by Ellen on December 17, 2012 at 7:01pm

SMART CELL technology.

Oh, you techies are moving way too fast for me. We know that it is a cell tower jungle out there. They are ugly, intrusive, environmentally unfriendly. There are smart cells out there now....new LightRadio product family. LightRadio cube, a cellular antenna about the size and shape of a Rubik's cube, vastly smaller than the ironing-board-sized antennas that now decorate cell towers. The cube was developed at the famous Bell Labs in New Jersey, birthplace of many other inventions when it was AT&T's research center.

LightRadio represents a new architecture where the base station, typically located at the base of each cell site tower, is broken into its components elements and then distributed into both the antenna and throughout a cloud-like network. Additionally today’s clutter of antennas serving 2G, 3G, and LTE systems are combined and shrunk into a single powerful, Bell Labs-pioneered multi frequency, multi standard Wideband Active Array Antenna that can be mounted on poles, sides of buildings or anywhere else there is power and a broadband connection.

  • Improves the environment:lightRadio reduces energy consumption of mobile networks by up to 50% over current radio access network equipment. (As a point of reference, Bell Labs research estimates that basestations globally emit roughly 18,000,000 metric tons of CO2 per year). Also, lightRadio provides an alternative to today’s jungle of large overcrowded cell site towers by enabling small antennas anywhere.
  • Addresses digital divide: By reducing the cell site to just the antenna and leveraging future advances in microwave backhaul and compression techniques, this technology will eventually enable the easy creation of broadband coverage virtually anywhere there is power (electricity, sun, wind) by using microwave to connect back to the network.
  • Offers major savings for operators: Thanks to lightRadio’s impact on site, energy, operations and maintenance costs; when combined with small cells and LTE, this new solution can lead to a reduction of total cost of ownership (TCO) of mobile networks up to 50% (as a point of reference, Bell Labs estimates that TCO spent by mobile operators in mobile access in 2010 was 150 billion Euros).

Ben Verwaayen, CEO of Alcatel-Lucent, said: “lightRadio is a smart solution to a tough set of problems: high energy costs, the explosion of video on mobile, and connecting the unconnected.”

I guess this would be the way to promote more cells, not towers, but still does not address the biological hazards of increased RF.


Comment by Ellen on December 10, 2012 at 2:26pm

Well, well, well......think of it in this light; perhaps.

I am not against advanced technology, obviously...I  do not like to be FORCED to  accept something not scientifically proven, or reasonably researched beyond a reasonable doubt to be safe, or necessary. 

Analog TV to digital

Smart metering of gas, electric, water

Smart appliances

Smart cars, smart phones, couldn't care,  do not own either one.

Smart grid....shouldn't they upgrade, replace the antiquated transformers, lines, poles BEFORE they connect all the other smarts?  Just pure folly.

Anyway, somebody brought this to my attention regarding the number of ugly ass, potentially  ecologically damaging towers, antennas, popping up daily.......


All that can be done is to minimize RF radiation exposure. 

Even if you don’t own a cell phone, having more dense but lower powered cell towers is beneficial. If the tower is 16 times weaker, you can be 4 times closer and still be at the same field density. Furthermore, the drop off in field strength for a low power tower falls off much faster than a higher power tower.

Furthermore, a home Wi-Fi access point sitting on a desk is about 1000 times stronger than any cell tower. Will the schools start banning Wi-Fi next?

If you’re a non cell phone user, chances are you can’t avoid moving around. So if you want to have the lowest overall exposure, you promote more cell towers and not fewer......hmmmmmm


Comment by Ellen on December 9, 2012 at 10:55pm

Electromagnetic effect

Within a 4 mile radius of my home:

71 tower structures

2 new tower applications as of 12/09/12

469 antenna locations found


Comment by Ellen on December 6, 2012 at 3:09pm

A bird knows not to “soil its nest”, not a single other animal in the entire kingdom is known to irreparably ruin its own home.

Comment by Ellen on December 5, 2012 at 11:31am

In Canada, the standard for acceptable public exposure to radio frequency is governed by Health Canada in Safety Code 6, which has the same specification as the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the frequency range smart meters operate in.

Although these standards are based on decades of scientific literature, the mechanism linking the frequencies to adverse health effects has been missing. Safety Code 6 admits tissue is heating and assigned a heat load to tissue because the link to adverse health effects was missing. That is the reason the World Health Organization reported a "possible" link to glioma with cell phone use.

These frequencies interfere with the electrical systems of our body plus impact bees, pollinators and ecosystems. The error in code is they based a frequency code on heat effects because they didn't include humans are vulnerable electrical units running at their own frequencies.

Safety Code 6 says the predominant health effect to be avoided is the unintentional stimulation of tissue or the heat effect. Experimental studies have shown it can lead to nerve and muscle stimulation. The frequencies are stimulating tissue and the dangers of the frequencies is now lectured in medical education for education credits doctors and other health professionals need for licensing as of January, 2011.


Comment by Ellen on December 4, 2012 at 1:49pm

Ears ringing constantly.......mostly when in  the room of my home  closest to neighbor, could be due to my wired laptop, wifi is off though, running on battery power, and no cellphones in this house.

Holy crapola!

It is called the Frey effect. It is an early warning system that alerts you to the fact that you are experiencing electromagnetic induction and thermal heat effect, nerve and muscle depolarization and gradual electrical decline of your own body.  The frequencies are illegal under all EMF safety codes effective September 24th 2010. Corporations are ignoring this.
Check out the guy who alerted the world to the dangers

Comment by Ellen on December 4, 2012 at 12:34pm

I like this one....

'those "burst of information" transmissions that seem to be more troublesome, which belies the idea that the total overall energy transmitted is low. It's like the difference between the constant background noise of a city having a lot of overall sound energy, but it is nowhere near as jarring to a human as someone sneaking up on you and shouting in your ear every 30 seconds, or less'

Comment by Ellen on December 3, 2012 at 12:33pm

Now that I have gotten a cheap, plastic, non UL certified piece of electronic crap, not guaranteed to last all of five years, not capatible  with old, existing home wiring, slapped upon my house replacing the old analog metal, glass, electromechanical built to last forever, and has been on fhis house since 1974 with no problems.....now what?

I thought it was mostly the fire issue......but the issue of electro sensitivity, and further research has been intriguing.......especially when the industry blames it on some sort of psyhosis.

' How can utilities claim that ‘smart’ meter health impacts are “psychosomatic” when many of the people who report such symptoms never knew that ‘smart’ meters pose a health risk, or even that they had one on the side of their home?”


Comment by Ellen on December 1, 2012 at 8:07pm

There are certain low frequencies that occur naturally, such as Lightning-induced Atmospheric Schumann Resonance,  and Lunar and Solar cycles that are very low in frequency. These various frequencies are needed by humans, animals, and plants  to synchronize with normal and periodic cycles characteristic of growth and good health.  The encroachment of this frequency  region by artificial means is  troubling. 

The 120-Volt power distribution system within a home needs to be considered as a "permanently energized grid"  of wires, because even though there are many loads connected to it, it is still and always essentially at 120 Volts  (within the limits of its engineered design).

This "permanently energized grid" will absorb and echo impinging Radio Frequencies (RF). RF has properties  that behave differently with biological systems primarily due to the frequencies involved, and the energy or information  associated with that frequency. 

Or, it is not the existence of these radio waves that is the problem so much as the  use we make of them. Rather than being emitted at a constant rate, technology  demands they are ‘pulsed’ in short and frequent bursts which appear to be far  more biologically harmful.

As the frequency involved becomes progressively  faster the energy becomes more directional to the point where, like light energy, it can be "beamed".

Some on the web have the wit to offer foil beanies, to ward-off Radio Frequencies (RF). Some claim you can use the "stuff" to block RF from coming in a window. Maybe . . .

Anything with electrical conductivity exposed to a field will absorb and then echo a portion of  that field, causing a locally stronger echo. This can happen with Electric Fields and with RF.

So maybe grounding is the issue . . . maybe. The world of RF is like a zoo, but with all the animals loosely  roaming about and bouncing off of everything. If you try grounding, such a foil barrier, the grounding cord needs to  not be resonant at the frequency of interest. So which is the frequency of interest? Is it WiFi today and cellular  tomorrow, or viceversa? If the cord is anything close to resonance at a specific frequency, it is electrically absent.  Can you make a cord not resonant at both WiFi and cellular?


There are ways of reducing RF ingress without using partially conductive or non-conductive materials, that are best suited for the job.  Aluminum Foil is not one of them. Plant more evergreens between you and the sources, or build with more concrete.

All of this makes me wish I had studied electrical engineering, instead of the agri sciences, but somebody  has to grow the food....we could live without the electric grid,  but not food.


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