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Complete 2009 Green Bill Breakdown: Only Have Until Thursday to get Bills heard by Committee!

CONGRATULATIONS! This has been one of the largest and most successful legislation year for Green Initiatives and Bills in Indiana’s history!

We are currently nearing the end of the Legislation Period in which you are able to get a Bill heard by their respective Committee and move the Bill forward to the Senate, House, and Governor. WE ONLY HAVE UNTIL THURSDAY! Urgent and sincere responses are needed!

The 2 remaining Priority Bills to Support and 1 to Oppose!
Make the call to the State House Switch Board and let your voice be heard!
House switchboard (800) 382-9842
Senate switchboard (800) 382-9467

Support SB 300 A Good Renewable Energy Standard.

For the first time in Indiana`s history, a Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) has passed out House Utilities Committee - alongside a strong net metering bill - having been amended to Senate Bill 300. The RES would increase renewable energy and energy efficiency to 15% of Indiana`s electricity portfolio by 2025 and expand the cap on Indiana`s net metering rules to 1MW from its current 10kW, a 1000-fold increase.

Together, these policies would significantly expand the clean energy market in Indiana and open up new opportunities to homeowners and businesses to generate their own power on-site and sell it back to the grid.

The job creation potential of these policies is enormous, which is why we are proud to call SB 300 the new Green Jobs Development Act. We are thankful to Rep. Ryan Dvorak (D-South Bend) and Sen. Sue Errington (D-Muncie) for their leadership and for valuing the views of a broad coalition of environmental, business, labor and agricultural groups. SB 300 must now be passed on the floor of the House. Please call or email your Representative and urge them to support SB 300 as well!

Support HB 1660 Green Public Transit Bill

Do you want to have a better bus system or a light rail system in your area? House Bill 1660, which would increase funding for public transit, has been awaiting a hearing by the Senate Tax & Fiscal Policy Committee for several weeks. Now we only have till Thursday left to solicit and convince the committee to give his Bill a hearings and this bill needs your support if it is to be heard before this deadline. Please call or email Sen. Brandt Hershman, chair of this Senate Committee at s7@in.gov or (317) 232-9840 and urge him to hear HB 1660 in committee. Also contact Sen. Luke Kenley, chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee at s20@in.gov or (317) 232-9453 and ask him to support HB 1660!

Under President Obama`s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Indiana has the opportunity to seek a share of $9.3 billion authorized for passenger rail systems. Utilizing these funds would benefit Indiana`s public health and economy, and modernize our transportation system. On March 27th, HEC`s Senior Policy Director Tim Maloney and other rail advocates delivered a letter to the Governor signed by 15 other businesses, non-profit organizations and elected officials encouraging use of these funds and suggesting program improvements.

Oppose! HB 1191 Condensed Animal Feeding Operation Bill

Urgent and timely action is needed for HB 1191! This bill states that local government may not adopt any ordinances regulating manure distribution. At least 28 counties currently have local health and zoning ordinances that address manure in some fashion. Ordinances which would be invalidated by passage of this bill can be found in this spreadsheet of information compiled by IU professor Jeffrey Hyman. HB 1191 will undermine these ordinances. This bill will be heard on the floor this afternoon, so please call your senator (senate switchboard: (800) 382-9467) and urge him/her to oppose HB 1191!

Complete Green Bill Breakdown for 2009

Many other green or sustainable action Bills that need to be pushed through Committees! Take a look, research, and shout out to your representatives.

Bills to Support!
Topic Category - Bill Number - Bill Status - Bill Summery

Energy HB 1348 Passed House 91 to 0, Energy Conservation Code: requires Indiana to adopt latest version of International Energy Conservation Code; limited to commercial buildings. Support!

Energy HB 1347 Passed House 68 to 25, Netmetering: Requires the Indiana utility regulatory commission to amend its net metering rules to expand opportunities for more electric consumers to generate their own electricity from renewables and sell the excess back to the utility; size limit reduced to 1 MW; added renewable energy investment tax credits. Support!

Energy HB 1352 Passed House 61 to 33, Climate Registry: Requires Indiana to participate in the national Climate Registry that coordinates reporting of greenhouse gas emissions; sets conditions for state withdrawal. Support!

Energy HB 1620 Passed House 58 to 39, Green Buildings: requires all new or renovated state and local government buildings to meet LEED silver standard or equivalent standard; uses HB 1348 energy code language. Support!

Energy HB 300 Passed House Committee, Net Metering: The RES would increase renewable energy and energy efficiency to 15% of Indiana`s electricity portfolio by 2025 and expand the cap on Indiana`s net metering

Electronic Waste HB 1589 Passed House 99 to 0, Electronic Waste Recycling: requires electronic display manufacturers to recycle certain percentage of products; establishes fund for electronic waste recycling; establishes fee for manufacturers Support!

Agriculture HB 1074 Passed House 64 to 32, CAFOs: Has a strong definition of responsible party. Requires that Responsible parties to establish their "good character" by disclosing their environmental record and enforcement history with permit application; Allows IDEM to consider an applicants record; requires financial assurance for specified CAFO operators. Support!

Agriculture HB 1075 Passed House 51 to 47, CAFOs: Requires CAFOs and land application areas to be at least 2 miles from boundary of state park, reservoir. Support!

Agriculture HB 1162 Passed House 51 to 42, CAFOs: Local Control - No construction under IDEM permit can begin until local government approval has been obtained. Support!

Agriculture SB 221 Passed Senate 48 to 0, CAFOs: Has a weak definition of responsible party = individual making daily decisions. Requires that Responsible parties to establish their "good character" by disclosing their environmental record and enforcement history with permit application; Allows IDEM to consider an applicants record. Support!

Transit HB 1660 Passed House 66 to 34, Regional Transportation Authorities: Allows counties to form regional transportation districts (RTD) to plan, build and operate public transportation systems; allows RTDs to use COIT, CAGIT, CEDIT, and prop taxes to fund transit; recommends deputy commissioner for transit at INDOT; appropriates $53 million for 3 transit systems. Support!

Transit HB 1607 Passed House Committee, NW Regional Transit District: Funding for public transit and rail systems in the NW Region of the State. Support!

Water HB 1032 Passed House 84 to 0, Wabash River Heritage Corridor Commission: Allocates state mineral royalties from navigable waterways to Wabash River Heritage Corridor Commission. Support!

Water HB 1114 Passed House 86 to 10, Regional Sewer Districts: restricts IDEM ability to require regional sewer districts in unincorporated areas, depending on population density; restricts RSD power to compel landowner connections unless RSD can demonstrate failure of existing system. Support!

Heritage Trust HB 1001 Passed House Heritage Trust Funding in Budget Bill: $1 million/year appropriation for Indiana Heritage Trust. Support!


Water SB 419 Passed Senate 48 to 1, Antidegradation rules and Pollution Budgets: Restricts TMDL applicability; makes antideg procedures applicable only to individual permits and pollutants with numeric WQ standards; gives local govt key role in economic necessity determination. Amendments improved it but still not supportable. Oppose!

Agriculture HB 1191 Passed Senate Committee, CAFOs: Prohibits local government from enacting ordinances that cover manure handling. State Chemist MAY adopt rules concerning distribution and use of manure as a fertilizer material and establish a certification program for applicators through Purdue University. No mention of protecting air or water quality. State chemist may establish fees for this and has the right to inspect sites related to transportation, storage and use of manure. Oppose!

Energy SB 420 Passed Senate 42 to 7, R.E.S w/Nuclear & Coal: combines HB 1305 language with SB 377 language. Coal and Nuclear ARE NOT RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES! This bill would allocate monies designated for renewable energy to Coal and Nuclear power sources. Please write, call, and hold a meeting with your representatives in opposition of this bill! Oppose!

For more information please visit http://www.agreenerindiana.com/group/contactyourrepresentativein5minutesorless or visiting by Clicking Here!

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