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I don't seem to hear all of the stories on conservation that I would think that you would. Conserving is something that can be done right away and by everybody.

I know we have all heard about the ghost loads of televisions, xboxes, etc. It is just a shame that all that energy goes to waste.

A 10 year old boy saved monroe county indiana 25k per year. He told them to turn off their computers at night. LOL

It seems like there is more attention to the production end of things than the conservation end of things.....like more efficient cars rather than installing MPG gauges on all cars....like more oil drilling rather than conservation....like new powerplants rather than more efficient homes and manditory energy consumption info on tv's and stuff.

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Comment by Ellen on November 5, 2008 at 11:02am
Since I am new on this site, I am just catching up. Like I say, Get rid of those energy guzzeling large range ovens and use micro-oven or toaster oven even build more brick ovens on all those back yards,or open air beehive ovens,think Pueblo. Forget the energy efficient clothes driers, use solar heat, its free. Forget the mowers,whackers,and blowers,all of these products are death dated, and create huge landfill waste,so create more natural properties, and do not worry what the neighbors say. Install a extra large litter box (composting toilet),my 90 year old dad is even considering this one,it would save on his septic system.
Comment by Chris Langschied on November 4, 2008 at 1:03pm
Hey Eric. The link is dead in this one.

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