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Disneyland Misadventure at Fair Oaks Farm another embarrassment for Indiana

The Milk of Human Unkindness: Betraying Children With Every Glass


We betray the kindness of children every time we give them dairy products. We betray their huge, gentle hearts, and their love and compassion for animals. If children had any idea what goes into that milk, cheese, ice cream, or yogurt, they would be devastated. If children knew that baby cows are forcibly taken from their mothers; if they ever saw a mother cow calling frantically for her baby; if they ever saw a  a calf crying in a veal crate, or curling into a lonely ball to warm himself; they would never choose to cause such harm to animals.



This to me is exactly what is going on at Fair Oaks Farm.... this 'Disneyland Misadventure,' is betrayal, not only of the kids visiting this 'happy  house of horrors,' but also of the 32,000 dairy cows there, and now 3000 pigs.  Sociopathically  treated as a commodity, these animals live their short lives as sex slaves/beasts, artificially stimulated, inseminated, milked to death, overfed to death,  to bear offspring over, and over, that are whisked away, to be abused as well. Does anybody tell the kiddies this, or that milk isn't necessary, or really that healthy in our diet, or that  meat isn't either? Or how about all the environmental impacts from a huge CAFO, factory farm,  such as this, being billed as 'funland,' drawing gads of gawkers to the glorification of animal, as well as environmental abuse.
......Justifying  this is the myth of 'feeding the world, or in this case  feeding local agritourism in the most disturbing way.



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Comment by Ellen on August 17, 2013 at 9:29am

Environmentalists supported Right to Farm laws. Indiana’s Right to Farm Act, I.C. 32-30-6-9 enacted many, many years ago to protect farmers from encroachment of development. Now these laws are being misapplied, misadjudicated to protect not really the 'farm' but CAFO industry. The Farm Bureau knows this, The National Pork Assoc knows this, as the Poultry Assoc,  Dairy Assoc.  IDEM is 'hog tied.' 


'It is rare for a farmer, who depends on the health of the land for his livelihood, to flagrantly ignore IDEM rules.'....what we have here is total corruption of agricultural morals, ethics, traditional codes of conduct. Thanks to corrupt lawyers representing these CAFOS, proposed CAFOS, hired by representatives of this state that also own CAFOs, that write the laws governing, protecting CAFOs, over  people, animals, environment, and thanks to the Daniels administration that encouraged the changes to the state constitution favoring CAFO special interest groups....just research AJ Bos, Vreba Hoff Dairy, the dirty  CAFO Attorneys  Federoff  of Fort Wayne, and others......representing CAFOS since 2005,  even longer. Here is a recent case, pitting farmer against farmer. Look how the appellee (defendant) is lawyered up with all the  Farm Associations.


Indiana Right to Farm Laws. includes ALECs model bill language passed in 2005 by an Indiana vet/hog CAFO owner, a large grain elevator owner, a senator that is a member of ALEC.....and signed by Gov. Daniels. Turning Back the Clock on Prosperity and Progress http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/Right_to_Farm_Laws

Comment by Ellen on August 9, 2013 at 7:34am

The industry would rather refer to factory farming as a "Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation" or CAFO but Captive Animal Feeding Operation is more descriptive.  In reality there is no resemblance whatsoever between farming and an animal factory.

At every step of the way, it is an industrial enterprise very similar to a manufacturing production line, only with more blood, pollution, pain, and cruelty.  Yet our government still views these operations as farms instead of industrial manufacturing and exempts the captive animals from all animal cruelty laws, after all, they aren't really animals, they are production units.


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