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I was grocery shopping yesterday when I really noticed a change in prices of the foods I normally buy. I was a little upset because gas prices are high now food prices are rising. Pretty soon, the cost of living is going to be so high its going to be impossible to be a single mother. You almost really need both full time incomes to survive. But we have no choice but to keep it going.

I like to eat cheap. That’s kind of my thing, the cheaper the better. I make it a fact to adjust my taste to what’s on sale.  Sometimes those sale items are pretty different. The good stuff costs too much to eat on a regular basis, but on occasion a treat is in order. But for now, Ill go over a few staple foods to have around that is pretty cheap for the season.

Eggs are a cheap source of protein. They use to be cheaper but I guess there was a huge recall and now the prices are jacked up. But still they are cheap enough to stock up on. Eggs contain all the amino acids the body needs to regulate the mood and to keep things in order. One medium egg has about has about 70 calories. So a nice breakfast that will hold you off for awhile in the morning is a few eggs. It only takes a few minutes to cook up and the protein will keep the appetite satisfied longer than cereal. Add a glass of orange juice or grapefruit juice and you have a complete healthy breakfast. I think currently a carton of eggs is about less than $2.00. A carton comes with twelve and if you have three a day that should last half a week.

Cabbage is on sale right now for about 28 cents a pound. You can chop it up just like you would a head of lettuce and eat it cold as a salad, you can add carrots and onions to it with some mayo and make slaw out of it or you can steam it and eat it warm. Cabbage adds the bulk needed to keep the intestinal track moving. It’s good to eat cabbage once a day in whatever form you choose. Cabbage also provides the body with nutrients. Cabbage has vitamin c, potassium, b1, b2, b6, folic acid and many more benefits. So eat up the cabbage while it’s cheap.

I haven’t noticed any good sales on lettuce this winter. The pickings are slim on that one. What I have noticed is the other greens are on sale. Some of them I am not sure what they are and they taste weird but anything dark green is healthy. Healthy is the target so if it’s on sale, learn to love it. What I have been doing is just keeping my favorite salad dressing handy and eating everything as a salad. If it’s to cold for salad, I steam it. Dark green is good. Once you learn to adjust your taste to what is healthy, experimenting will be exciting. Some stuff will be a hit; others will take time to adjust to. Dark green vegetables will supply the body with the bulk needed to keep the intestines moving and the nutrients needed to keep the body healthy.

Chicken is always the cheapest meat to buy. I have to admit, I been spending the dollar more for the organic. It’s so much better. The organic chickens are smaller but have so much more flavor. I figure I skimp on everything else, why not have hormone free chickens.  Currently one small chicken is about $5. I have a big family so one small chicken doesn’t go too far. That’s when those sale veggies come in handy. Make sure to make plenty of veggies. I’ve learned how to cook chicken seven different ways so I can keep the meat lean and the family satisfied. Bake, broil, pan fry(no breading and with coconut oil on low heat) sometimes I boil it and make chicken soup but always use a ton of interesting spices. The chicken or any meat you choose will supply the protein needed to keep the muscles happy and to keep the appetite satisfied. The body digests protein much slower, which keeps the stomach working and the appetite at bay.

Those are just a few tips for eating kind of cheap. But if you have no budget, eat protein and mostly veggies at every meal. Skip the bread, cereal, pasta, rice, potato, ect. To jump start the metabolism, do your monthly liver cleanse with plenty of water. Don’t allow any cheating until you see some actual weight loss, and in the beginning, no alcohol. Alcohol will set back everything and you won’t get results as fast. Increase your daily activities and decrease your calories. Do that 45 minutes of cardio, it’s an important first step, got to get that heart rate up.

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Comment by Ellen on January 3, 2011 at 10:49pm

A single parent eh?.......really, really tough, and if it was tough for me 10- 25 years ago, I can only imagine what parents are going through today. I had to rely on food banks, really demeaning for me, but my growing, always hungry kids, needed whatever more I could find for them, since my meager earnings  never bought enough. But food banks have unhealthy food, unless fresh veggies,  fruit, meat, eggs is being donated.

Eating healthy, but cheap, means eating more beans(dry, garden fresh,fresh frozen) rice(hard to give up the rice),  free range laying chickens, and eggs (laying chickens are butchered after several years of laying, are a little tougher in the meat, but full of flavor!) can be found  at farmers market, or local farm. You can grow greens in winter indoors, whether as herbs, sprouts, leafy greens, in pots of soil, or hydroponics in a sunny window, or grow light. Grow/ freeze/can/store tons of fresh garden produce, especially squash for the winter.

I avoid grocery stores like the plague.

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