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Energy is is all around us. It is in our bodies, in our food, in our homes, in nature, in animals and plants, in the sun, and in the wind. We don't tend to think of how much energy we actually have right in front of us. As Barrak Obama starts hi presidency i have high hopes for change in the energy crisis. Yet we as individuals can take steps to change our ways to more healthy and efficient ways of living. If each one of us took the initiative to harness our own individual energy we could tackle this crisis even faster. In the future our homes will be powered by our own mini power plants on our own homes. No need to travel energy from plants from far distances. We can harness what we have right in front of us. Wind and solar are the key sources of energy for us.

As of right now i have started a Solar and wind fund so that in hopefully less than 2 years i will be able to afford my own power station at home. Wind and solar are so abundant that it kills me how much we have wasted and let the energy pass us by. This is a great opportunity to step up to the challenge. One obstacle is to lower cost of these systems. The main reason people are not converting over to wind and solar is the cost. If the cost was brought down to a reasonable level there would be more progress in this area.

I wish everyone the best of luck in there little energy projects, and if you have information on low cost systems like wind and solar please contact me and let us all know of the great opportunity.

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