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"It's the stupidest tea-party I ever was at in all my life! "
- Alice

It would seem to defy the laws of Physics... like going directly downwind faster than the wind. Ponder (or is it "pander?") the Beck-Palin "rally to restore America" taking place 8/28/10. If you thought the Tsunami of Stupid had run its course, and that natural forces... like the overwhelming evidence that its a scam...
would act as a brake for the usual pandering to "the troops" and
"flag," and that abject militarism was losing its charm... well- you'd
be wrong.

Natural forces are present in the very food we eat, and the story, according to Food Inc., for example, is not a happy one so far. Perhaps this particular message
was overwhelmed in 2008 by the deflation of imaginary "capital." The
food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink all seem remote to
the Palinoids. Instead, it's "returning" to "traditional values" that
they don't seem to understand. If you get the impression they like to
thump on "texts" like the "constitution" or the "Bible" that they've
never read... you're not alone.

"Uniformity, conformity and cheapness" may
seem natural, but if there were ever a case for "return" to
"traditional values," it's the biodiversity of the small family farm.
If we are ever going to sell this idea to the Beck-biters, we'd better
emphasize the word "family" and avoid the word "diversity" like Chicken
McNuggets, because as you suspected, they don't "process text" very
well. It's visceral... from -the-gut, and it's just as artificial and
engineered as the insides of a factory-farm chicken.

While Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms
has not escaped criticism, his message is "green," and his voice may
resonate with the more thoughtful people who identify with the
"religious right." Yes, they do exist, and Salatin who describes
himself as a "Christian-libertarian-environmentalist-capitalist farmer"may serve as an example. Reason must somehow find a voice among those who are calling out for a "religious rebirth" among those who are so easily led by blatent opportunists.

The alternative is simply too dark to imagine.

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Comment by waldopaper on September 8, 2010 at 10:17pm
Seriously..proper disposal of trash is wonderful... recycling is wonderful... and so is permaculture, home-green-gardening and all that stuff. All of us believe that, or we wouldn't be here. BUT... if we don't want our grandchildren relegated to picking tubers among the ruins... we have to realize THIS NOW:

WE are up against an IDEOLOGY. It's a meme. It's a shape=shifter. As soon as you try to "define" it, it changes into something else. It's the dogged-defense of the "status quo," the way-it-is-now... (whatever THAT means)... and in Indiana, it seems to be packing itself into "Christian Family Values."

Now, who could possibly be "against" "Christian Family Values?" It's like being "against" puppies. Problem is... the self-proposed "leaders" who claim "Christian Family Values" have little to do with Christianity, Family or any kind of thinking evaluation ("values") So we isolate ourselves.

We dig our gardens, recycle out trash and make our homes more "energy efficient." All good things- but it helps us insulate ourselves from the shitwork of the "ideological battle." They "attend church," thump their texts ("Bible" or "Constitution," doesn't matter) and equally think they are "doing something" for "change."

WE ALL recognize that "the way it is" must change, BUT- not only do we have differing views on "the way it is," it naturally follows that the way to "change it" creates an even wider gap. That's because ALL of us are more comfortable with "DOing" what we "think is right" instead of discussing or THINKING about it.

Nothing wrong with getting bizzly-buzz-buzz BUSY and WORKING on whatever you think is right. BUT if you think this exempts you from engaging in aggressive and unpleasant dialogue with those who THINK they "oppose" you, you are not only ignoring but CONTRIBUTING to the inevitable:

CIVIL WAR is what happens when "opposing sides" are too "busy" to listen to each other.
Comment by Leah DiMaria on September 4, 2010 at 10:20am

Just sayin' lol

Thanks Waldo for this blog LOVE it & really like your 'style" couldn't agree more with All you have posted here!!!
Comment by Ellen on August 31, 2010 at 9:38am
My raspberry bushes are 'in your face' raspberry bushes. No political ignorance here, as they are planted butt up to a city hell strip. Yes, my bushes are public(for a reason), thorny, not so pretty, but give wonderful healthful berries. I drive people(neighbors) nuts probably for the fact that I have so audaciously planted something so visibly out of context of formal normal hogwash, along with all of the other unconventional plantings on property. I would so love to see more 'heads in the sand' people buck the trend(status-quo) now, go unconventional now, break from that paralyzing fear now, our land, food, water CAN be so much better for it.
Comment by waldopaper on August 29, 2010 at 4:26pm
Dig it, brothers and sisters... it's nasty- it's ugly... and nobody wants to deal with it- like doggy-doo on yer doorstep. But "politics" is real... nobody likes it...but we gotta deal with it.

Here in Indiana, we're still hung-up in the left-right-liberal-conservative-republican-democrat bipolar illusion. We still have Governor Comb-over, aka. "Mr. Privatization" pushing an "ideology" that clearly doesn't work... while our land, water and the very food we eat is poisoning us and generations of children.

Like most of us, I'd rather tend the raspberry bushes and ignore all this "political" doo-doo. However, that's exactly why the "growth" paradigm prevails and "Real-Estate Developers" continue to run rough-shod over our land, water and FOOD SUPPLY. Yes, it's tedious. Yes, it's boring. But the "Industrial Revolution" ideologues aren't quite satisfied with owning and controlling everything... especially now that their paper "economy" is collapsing for all the world to see.

As the ultimate distraction, they're calling for a bang-bang-shoot-em-up "revolt." It's not a "revolt" at all. It's a VERY STRONG movement to suppress any questioning whatsoever of the status-quo. And if you think you can ignore it... and you live within 100 miles of a densely-populated area... well, good luck with that.

Most of us dislike "politics" for a very good reason. It's dumb... it's counter-productive, and it has very little to do with you and me and our lives. THIS is different. The Beck-biters and the Palinoids are easily being duped into supporting the VERY THING they "think" they oppose. They're serious, they're being exhorted to get violent, and as time passes and they get more frustrated with being caught up in forces they can't control or understand... they probably WILL "get violent." Against whom... or for whom... is anybody's guess. It's so far-gone that they've lost sight of our land/ food/ water.

"Just sayin'..."

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