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Me and my friend Melissa started up a blog talking about all types of things surrounding green living. We cover spirituality, gardening/wildcrafting, healthy eating, hiking/camping, etc. If you're interested check out the post below and the site is http://evolvingeden.com. Thanks!

Krissy and I met about a year ago I suppose, I was selling my handmade necklaces and she bought one. We discovered similarities immediately. We were both vegetarians who sometimes ate fish. We both loved clove flavored tobacco. I suppose the number one thing was our cynical self righteous attitudes. I was fun to sit and criticize the imperfections around us, and although it seems a terrible way to find motivation, all that talk led to some serious action. Along with our friends who we deem the “tribe” we have a PLANS folder the size of a government file. We do so much, some of it just for fun, some of it with true practical value. We started this endeavor to be able to share what we do and the knowledge gained by doing, with everyone and anyone who wants to know how. How to pack a hiking pack, how to identify wild food, how to make fake swords out of foam and duct tape and beat each other senseless. Yes people, this is going to be THAT kind of party, and yes….we are THOSE people

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Comment by A Greener Indiana on July 14, 2009 at 10:48am
you should be able to rss feed your blog right into this website. I would love to read it.

Feed from Indiana Living Green Magazine

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