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When you look out your window or go for a walk outside in nature what do you see? You might see a blue sky with a glowing sun and a flock of birds soaring through the air like feathers, but when your eyes are really open and really focusing on the things that are happening in front of you, you might see something completely different. I am here to tell you that there is something deeper than our existence at work and it is happening right in front of us every second of the sunlit day, and every hour of the moonlit night.

As a society we live our lives selfishly and un aware of what impact we have on our future and resources we take for granted. We turn on our lights without any presence of being needing light. We drive our hungry four wheeled pigs around eating all our hidden back up resources that were suppose to be saved for a rainy day. We work in our offices huge and spaces filled with stacks of papers that will eventually be thrown not away but thrown into our once beautiful land and shoved down our planet's throat like a little kid being forced to drink beer.

The problem is not that our planet needs us, because planet can certainly survive without us and might even live as a better world than we have made it into be. What the problem is, is that we are living our lives in the wrong way. Our society has built a structure of power and consumption. So much so that our way of living has become a disease. We have turned our species into a virus for the planet. We are slowly deteriorating a life of a living thing and in the process slowly killing off ourselves.

Our world has created a power hungry people. We consume way too much way too fast. We are growing way too fast for our planet to support us. Our planet will no longer be called earth, but mars, a desolate barren waste land if we don't change the way we live. We are not only effecting the planet but ourselves. We create our own diseases, our own health problems, our own products that have been made from a dirty source of power and production line.

We need to change the way we think. We need to break down the way we make product, the way we travel from place to place, how we work, how we eat, how we build environments around us to live in sync with the planet and not against the flow of life itself. We need to re design our way of living so that we are living off of the planet's supply of energy and sustainable resources.

Cut the oil and power & Money hungry monsters and start thinking clean, renewable, sustainable energy and use the natural things we already have access too instead of creating a deep wound in the planet's heart. Start thinking solar, wind, and technologies that can be reinvented into ways of living that are healthy for us and our home planet earth.

We have the knowledge and power to change our ways we just need to be aware, see the truth and act on it . Try thinking of life this way. When you think of washing your clothes, what do you think of. You think I need a washer and dryer machine. The problem is we think of the wrong thing when thinking of a process solution. We need to think of the process we need instead of the thing we need to do it"Oh hey, I need to clean my clothes". People have developed ways of washing clothes with less energy and less resources. Why use resources that will run out and cost a bundle when you could do the same process with unlimited resources, huge amounts of power, free, renewable, sustainable, and reusable for everyone on the planet.
I encourage everyone able to see the impact of our actions to stand up and walk. Do not say yes this is bad we need to do something, because that is the reason we fail. We do not act, we dream and soak in the problems of our society and let our future pass us by. If you want change you have to ACT! CHANGE! ACHIEVE! ACCOMPLISH! REACT! These are all action words we need to see in progress right now. As a people we need to think slower and act faster. We take too much time thinking up what should be done and do less of actually doing it. There is no need for us stall any longer. We have our goal now let us all take this goal and make it reality. Be the change we need!

I have given you all a link to my eco website so that you may see all the the eco / green sites I have come across in my research. These links will help you live a green eco friendly life. I also recommend watching Planet Green network- a 24/7 environmental channel.

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Comment by Mrs. Cara Dafforn on December 16, 2009 at 10:16pm
Kris: Thank you for your inspiring post, we are agreed in that changing our thinking, acting, achieving, accomplishing and reacting are all steps to make Indiana greener. So, I quit work, parked my car and am harvesting food from my garden. This doesn't change my need for heat and electricity so I can communicate in social networking, we can think about solar and wind technology, we can even praise the wind farms in White County, but how do you get off the grid in Indianapolis?

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