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Inspired by Housekeeping Month from May 13, 1955

The good spouse guide was written as a greenprint for living, my post today is a modern take 8 simply green ideas to living an eco-urban life. These are real ways to show that you have been thinking about him/her and are concerned about his/her needs while making a greener Indiana

1. Leave your shoes at the door and create a space to change clothes to change the mood.

2. Prepare yourself. Realize your home in a safe space. Wash your face and hands.

3. Stretch, roll your shoulders, relax your neck, try something new and invert your body.

4. Have dinner ready, plan ahead and automate your nutrition. Kitchen garden’s make great fast food and can spice up the rest of the night. Have your organic produce delivered www.farmfreshdelivery.com so that you can be home rather than shopping. Consider www.alice.com to have dried fruit, cereal, and jerky on hand and ready to travel.

5. Speaking in a low soothing and pleasant voice

6. Affirm your partnership and provide unconditional love.

7. Make your home a place of peace, order and tranquility where your family can renew in body, mind and spirit. Reduce the noise by limiting electronics and television.

8. Turn off the lights and dine by candlelight.

Most importantly kiss, hug and listen…someone famous said it "love the one your with"

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Comment by Amanda Wilkerson on April 13, 2010 at 9:56pm

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