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Indiana becomes the fastest growing state in Wind Energy!

Welcome to the first ever Indiana Wind Energy Week! In the last eighteen months, we have begun to embrace our full wind potential. In 2007 we did not produce any electricity from wind resources. In 2008 the Horizon Benton County Wind Farm, Indiana’s first commercial-scale wind farm, produced more than 130 megawatts (MW's) of home-grown renewable electricity. And we are projected to produce 836 MWs of wind-generated power, from four separate Hoosier Wind Farms, in 2009!! This astonishing growth rate will position Indiana as the fasted growing state in new wind energy investments for this year! So, who wants green jobs and clean energy? My fellow Indiana residents, we are clearly raising our hands!

"The solution to the economic recession, my friends, is blowing in the wind..."

Yesterday, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Meadow Lakes Wind Farm of White and Benton counties was held on farm of Jerry Thompson, one of Chalmer’s participating farmers. The Meadow Lakes Wind Farm will ultimately produce over 800 MW's of renewable wind energy, positioning its self as one of the highest producing wind farms in America! Meadow Lakes will encompass 26,000 acres of farmland, but only 250 acres will be taken out of agricultural production (including all infrastructure, roads, and maintenance facilities).. The 26,000 acres are negotiated through a lease which the energy profits will pay for. That bank of cash flow will go directly back to the participating homeland farmers.

In just the first "Phase I" construction stage, Meadow Lakes will produce 200 MW's of Wind Energy, hire 400 temporary workers, employ 40 permanent positions. Jesse Kharbanda, Executive Director of the Hoosier Environmental Council, says of the Meadow Lakes project; “The emergence of new wind farms in Benton and White County are a powerful illustration that wind energy is truly the real deal in our state. Can Indiana strive farther as a green power? Our answer is a definitive ‘yes,’ but we strongly believe that it can only happen with comprehensive renewable energy policy, like SB 300, which is the closest opportunity we have to pass the Indiana Green Jobs Development Act. SB 300 means more Hoosiers back to work, a cleaner environment, and less greenhouse gas emissions. Let’s do it for a new future for our state!”
There is no other more recognized, viable, and freeing source of energy then abundant Renewable Energy and its ability to free community and citizens from the grid, from consumption, from pollution, and exploitation of our natural resources allowing for a balance between our lives, environment, and technology. According to the American Wind Energy Association, over 8,500 megawatts (MW) of wind energy were installed in 2008, which means that wind power provided 42% of all the new generating capacity added in the U.S. This percentage reflects a $17 billion investment and the creation of 35,000 jobs in 2008 alone, despite the economic downturn! Wind power truly is the path to a future of economic security, environmental sustainability, and a carbon-neutral energy network!

Sustainability = Equilibrium!

Of course there is always a balance to everything. Wind has shown to be hazardous to migration patterns of certain birds if the site is not properly investigated, and the frequency wave and strobe affect can trigger epileptics to have an episode. Luckily we have technical design methods used in comprehensive planning such as Smart Design and the ability to produce ordinances to protect, prevent, and accommodate such difficulties. For example an ordinance to recommend "not mandate," any sufferer of Epilepsy to not live within a certain distance of a wind farm while providing funding for any such being to have an incentive to move out of such range. Another example would be using Smart Design/Land Based Planning to position Wind Farms out of reach from the migration patters of birds that are unable to deviate from wind turbines or recognize the danger. In consideration the Altamont Pass incident (which is the bird-kill cited by anti-wind advocates) was actually a very unusual incident; compared to other human activities, wind turbines in properly selected sites do not have a noticeable impact on local/migrating birds or bats {The NWCC reports that: "Based on current estimates, windplant related avian collision fatalities probably represent from 0.01% to 0.02% (i.e., 1 out of every 5,000 to 10,000) of the annual avian collision fatalities in the United States

Meadow Lakes, and all wind farms situated on leased farmland, are an ideal example of harmony between economics and natural resource management. At its core, the Meadow Lakes agreement is a clear barter/lease deal. But when involving such intelligence in the design and establishing environmental monitoring systems to ensure that the most stringent environmental standards are upheld, or "Smart Design", the use of natural resources, implementation of renewable resources, utilization of the free market system, and organization through the cooperation of community stakeholders is intrinsically a resource based economy. Granted, it will take time for local residents to fully understand how resource based economics works, for the vision to be forwarded, and for the public to accept this new model without subjection to bias and emotions. But if environmental stewardship can be integrated throughout the U.S. economy without compromising our cornerstones as a society, then we will be able to truly create a diverse and resource-abundant society! As a Social Anthropologist would note: We as a society have evolved from a pure smash-n-grab, to a barter system, to the gold standard because of its beauty and recognizable streak on slate, into money providing a cheap abundant representation of goods and value, towards a monetary system represented in a worldwide market. The future of our economic growth and evolution will culminate in a strong, universal resource based economy. Natural resources, as the source of all production and physical livelihood, will provide us with a sense of unification with our world for the first time since we left its primitive harvest and indigenous life cycle.

I know such is a mind blowing but try to stick with. Such is working and has been an interesting intelligence that has spawned out of the green paradigm shift that is currently providing a multi-faceted solutions to our dilemmas with global climate change and a failing economic system.

Cheers, I hope this news brightens your week. It is you, the citizen, who has written the Government, signed petitions, urged politicians, supported nonprofits, and taken a stake in your community that has made this happen. Believe it, it is all of us here that have good reason to cheer. Much love, abundance, and happiness in all that you do and are a part of and thank you.

To continue such fulfillment of the soul and keep this revolution on a roll. Today is the last day to get the Indiana Green Jobs Development Act SB 300 heard by the House so please contact your representative and tell them to support SB 300!!!

Make the call to the State House Switch Board and let your voice be heard!
House switchboard (800) 382-9842
Senate switchboard (800) 382-9467

Rally Ho'


P.S. For more information visit http://www.agreenerindiana.com/group/energy/forum/topics/indianas-wind-renewable-energy or by clicking here

As posted in an article listed on the front page of www.IN.Gov

Governor declares April 13-18 "Indiana Wind Energy Week"

INDIANAPOLIS (April 13, 2009) - Following an announcement from the American Wind Energy Association that Indiana is the fastest-growing state for wind energy installations in 2008 and planned groundbreaking events for two new wind farms this week in the state, Governor Mitch Daniels has declared April 13-18 as "Indiana Wind Energy Week."

"We welcome the news that Indiana is the fastest-growing state for wind power energy. We've made homegrown clean energy production a priority, and we are proud to become a leader in new wind energy installations," said Daniels.

Two groundbreaking ceremonies for wind energy projects totaling 306 megawatts (MW) are set for this week in Benton and White counties. Horizon Wind Energy plans to break ground on a 200 MW project in White County on Tuesday, and enXco is beginning a 106 MW project in Benton County on Friday.

Indiana currently has 130 MW of commercially available wind energy installed. With the completion of these two projects and the 400 MW Fowler Ridge Wind Farm in Benton and Tippecanoe counties under development by BP Alternative Energy and Dominion Resources, Indiana could have a total of 836 MW of commercially available wind energy installed by the end of 2009. This would move Indiana past such traditional wind-producing states as South Dakota and Wyoming.

A copy of the proclamation can be found at this address: http://www.in.gov/gov/files/Press/WindEnergyWeek.pdf

Audio comments from Governor Daniels can be found at this address: http://www.in.gov/gov/files/Audio/041309_WindEnergyWeek_comments.MP3

The announcement from the American Wind Energy Association can be found at this address: http://www.awea.org/

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Comment by Ellen on February 15, 2010 at 1:57pm
Did you reach 836 MW? I haven't seen anything posted of most recent stats of wind generated power from the Hoosier wind farms. Have the turbines frozen up this winter due to the unusually, or not unusual, cold temps this state is experiencing, along with Minnesota, and others with wind farm sites.

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