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Learn to Make A Thermal Mass Rocket Stove Sunday, April 14th – at Midwest Permaculture, Stelle, IL

Learn to Make A Thermal Mass Rocket Stove

All Day Workshop   –   Sunday, April 14th   –   at Midwest Permaculture, Stelle, IL

Price – $95 – Includes Workshop and Lunch.                                            Register Here – Limit 24

Standard wood stoves waste much of the heat and wood energy when they burn, with much of it going up the chimney as hot smoke. A  burns more efficiently – converting nearly all of the fuel into CO2 and water, including the smoke. It also stores it’s thermal energy in a “battery”,  a bench that stores the heat from the fire and releases it slowly over the course of the day.  The stove can burn both logs and scrap wood and the best part is that it can heat the same space as a regular wood stove with 1/4 of the wood!

You can learn more about rocket stove mass heaters in our “Thermal Mass Rocket Stoves on our Minds…” on our blog.

Making a rocket stove mass heater.

The Malchow’s rocket stove.

Students will learn in this one day :

  • An understanding of  the principles of a rocket stove and rocket stove mass heater
  • See working examples of rocket stoves
  • Get hands on experience in building a rocket stove and making cob

Schedule for the Day




Classroom instruction – theory and examples


See and fire a finished stove – At the Malchows




Build dry brick stoves

2:00 -4:00

Class builds a stove with mass heater


Fire up the stove



About the Instructor

Rocket Stove Mass Heater Workshop InstructorMilton Dixon holds a PDC and earned his Permaculture Teaching Certificate from David Jacke, author of the books, Edible Forest Gardens.  Besides being Midwest Permaculture’s tech support he is an avid urban permaculturist and organizes the Chicagoland Permaculture Meetup.  He has always had a fascination for fire and has built countless rocket stoves, some successfully and some not, always learning how to do it better the next time.

Join us and learn how you can make one of these stoves for yourself!

Register online or Call Becky at 815-256-2215, voice message or text us at 815-782-2216.

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